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The Drop
Michael Connelly
The Sandman, Vol. 1: Preludes and Nocturnes
Neil Gaiman, Malcolm Jones III, Karen Berger, Sam Kieth, Todd Klein, Mike Dringenberg
Bad Soldier
Chris Ryan
The Nowhere Man: An Orphan X Novel (Evan Smoak)
Gregg Hurwitz
The View from the Cheap Seats: Selected Nonfiction
Neil Gaiman
The Pier Falls: And Other Stories
Mark Haddon
Faith Versus Fact: Why Science and Religion Are Incompatible
Jerry A. Coyne
Telegraph Avenue: A Novel
Michael Chabon
London Fields
Martin Amis
I Used to Be a Fish - Tom Sullivan, Tom Sullivan

This is so cute. This is a book for 3 years old and up and it talks about evolution. 



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Nice one. 



Halloween Bingo

The Nowhere Man: An Orphan X Novel (Evan Smoak) - Gregg Hurwitz

My card. Look how pretty it is. Thank you Moonlight Reader


Amateur Sleuth - Nowhere Man by Bregg Hurwitz





The list (incomplete) 


Terror in a small town - Brother Odd
Murder most foul -Dexter in the Dark
Series spree killer - Darkest Fear 
Witches - Small Favor
Diverse voices - The Rest of US just Live here


Vampires - Grave Peril
The dead will walk - Warm Bodies
Were-wolves - Wolf Gift
Monsters - Forever Odd
Supernatural - Grave Peril

Cozy mystery - The Drop
Ghost -Odd Thomas
Magical Realism - World Collide
In the dark dark woods - the Truth is a Cave in the Black Mountain 


Aliens - I am Number Four or The Fate of Ten
American Horror story - Making Something Up
Demons - Damned
Amateur Sleuth - Nowhere Man 
80's horror - Scarecrow 


Classic horror - Forever Odd 
Chilling children - More Than This 
Modern masters of horror - Fireman

Terrifing women - Home 
Gothic - Small Favor 



Angels in America, Part One: Millennium Approaches - Tony Kushner Angels in America, Part Two: Perestroika - Tony Kushner Angels in America:  A Gay Fantasia on National Themes - Tony Kushner

Read the book long ago and it is time for re-read.


The trailer for NT live looks amazing. 


Andrew Garfield plays Prior Walter along with a cast including Denise Gough, Nathan Lane, James McArdle and Russell Tovey. 

Harry Bosch solving the murder of an old comrade

The Black Echo - Michael Connelly

A body was found in the pipe.


Harry was working on Sunday. This is his turn to show up on the scene. It was thought of a OD at first. 

Not Bosch. He put all the first crime scene data together and it does not sit right with him. So he pushed his way around, and got an autopsy on the next day.


He got in. Got his confirmation. It is not OD but a murder.


That's where the fun begins.


Now he dig further and found that his old comrade was a suspect on a heist.


Only 30% in. Progressing normally. A bit slow. This is Connelly earlier work. And he stick to a format that give you bits of information in a chronological orders. It is like watching TV series 24, that you would not know things that detective Bosch has not come to it yet.


Fun read.  

Salvation Army guy killed by professional assassin

The Redeemer - Jo Nesbo

Nice going. 


I dislike Salvation Army and one of those jerk was being offed by a pro, I like it.


Well, Harry got involved and of course, getting much closer to the killer.


There are some mishaps on the way in preventing Harry catching the killer sooner. 


A nice long book that with 40%, still not sure what's the motive. 


Another good read. 


Motive 1: Money. There are money involved. Follow the money and there is usually some motives behind people action. For this one, the one that is the real target of the killer withheld some properties from being sold because he cares about old people living there more than money. 


Motive 2: Woman. Jealousy or competing over woman is also a good motive. The killer's target was having an affair with a married woman. So the husband or family of the married woman, and the girlfriend of the target would have motive to off him.


Motive 3: Political. Salvation Army is much closer to a hate group. It is being dislike by many people, so that's also a motive. But a weak one.


Odd Dog Out - Rob Biddulph

Great reading of children story on being different by Tom Hardy 

Family is someone who save you even when you are evil

The Land of Stories: Worlds Collide - Chris Colfer

One of the twin is cursed and doing evil.


One of the twin is desperately trying to save the other.


In the meantime, the magical characters from the Fairy world and the characters created by Conner united to fight against the evil witches. 


Fun read. There is some sacrifice, and some characters destroyed. But it is not scary, so this is suitable for younger children. 


The last book is fun and a good ending for the series, that centralised on the adventure of a pair of twin, Conner and Alex. 


The self doubt is a curse. That life is unexpected but if everyone going to see from the basic human side of things, things are not as bad as it seems. 



The Devil's Star - Jo Nesbo, Jo Nesbø Hector and the Search for Happiness - François Lelord The Leopard: A Harry Hole thriller (Oslo Sequence 6) - Jo Nesbø, Don Bartlett NOS4R2 by Joe Hill (6-Nov-2014) Paperback - Joe Hill How to Catch a Star (10th Anniversary edition) - Oliver Jeffers Die Trying - Lee Child The Wrong Side of Goodbye - Michael Connelly By Lemony Snicket The Dark (Bccb Blue Ribbon Picture Book Awards (Awards)) (First Edition) - Lemony Snicket Trigger Warning: Short Fictions and Disturbances - Neil Gaiman Nemesis - Jo Nesbo
1st roll : ?8
1st roll : ?8
2nd roll - Main street 14
2nd roll - Main street 14
Paradise Pier 30
Paradise Pier 30
Tomorrow land 36
Tomorrow land 36
Main Street 10
Main Street 10
Cars Land 16
Cars Land 16
New Orleans 19
New Orleans 19
Monorail 29
Monorail 29
Frontierland 2
Frontierland 2

Started on 15 April already. So I am a few days late. 

See details here. 




Rolled dice 1st on 17 April and got 8 .  Landed at Question 8 on the board. 

So a mystery novel. Started with Jo Nesbo "The Devil's Stars" 


Collected $20 at Start. 


See how it goes. 


Update: 24 April.  Finished reading The Devil's Star. 522 pages. Collected $5.


New Total = $25


2nd roll dice of 7.



Get me to Main Street 14. Read a book that involves oversea travel or has a suitcase on the cover. 


Hector and the Search for Happiness 192 pages. 


30 April 2017. Read the book. Collected $2. 


New Total = $27. 


3rd roll of dice. A 10. 


Landed me at Water Works. "Read a book with water on the cover, or where someone turns on the waterworks (i.e., cries) because of an emotional event." 




Rain is water. Picked "The Leopard" by Jo Nesbo. 740 pages. 


Finished the book on 4 May. Collected $5. 


4th Roll the dice on 4 May.: 8


Landed in Paradise 30 Suspense book over 555 pages.  


Picked NOS4R2 by Joe Hill. Supernatural suspense story 692 pages. 


New total: $32


Read the book on 9 May. Collected $5.


New total: $37


5th roll on 10 May: 6 


Get me to Tomorrow land 36 


Read a book with space in the cover. 


Picked How to Catch a Star by Oliver Jeffers. 32 pages. 


Read this book. Collected $1. Roll again. 


New Total: $38. 


6th roll 12: Landed Main street 10. 


Select Die Trying by Lee Child happened in small town USA. 557 pages. 



15 May. Finished Die Trying. Collect $5.


New total:$43


7th roll: 6

Land at Cars Land 16 


Picked Wrong Side of Goodbye by Michael Connelly, story happened in LA California. 400 pages. 


2 June: Finished the book. Add $5 


New total: $48


8th roll: 4


Landed in New Orleans 19 


Pick a children book as I don't usually read horror. The Dark by Lemony Snicker. 40 pages. 


New total: $49


3 June 

9th roll :8

Landed Adventureland 27

Picked Trigger Warning by Neil Gaiman 308 pages



13 June 

Read Trigger Warning and collect $3 

10th roll:11

New total$52


Landed Monorail 29

Have difficulty picking a book. Do not want to read Girl on a Train. Interpret that a book with car on the cover also fit. Pick "Nemesis" by Jo Nesbo 706 pages 


New total: $57


22 June 

Read "Nemesis". Collect $5.

11th roll:10

Landed Frontierland 2

Finished "Redbreast" by Jo Nesbo 636 pages


New total: $62


25 June 

12th roll 7

Landed in Fantasyland 9 
Fiinished The Unadultered Cat by Terry Pratchett 160 pages

Picked the Son Jo Nesbo 656 pages. $5


New total:$64


11 July 

13 roll 9 

Landed ?17

Finished  the Son Jo Nesbo 656 pages. $5 

New Total:$69



17 July 2017

Finished Headhunters by Jo Nesbo 384 pages. $3
roll 14:12
Landed Free Parking
Roll again. Got a 3. Odd number sent to WaterWork

Picked Blood on Snow 192 pages as there is enough water in snow.


New total $72


22 July 2017

Finished Blood on Snow by Jo Nesbo. $3
Roll 15: 7
Landed The Monorail

Travel by air. Picked Midnight Sun by Jo Nesbo 224 pages.


New Total $74


23 July 2017

Finished Midnight Sun. Picked up $3. 

Roll 16: 10

Landed in Frontierland 2
Maincharacter is a shooter.

Picked Stand by, Stand by and Zero Option by Chris Ryan 416+374= 790 pages.


New Total $77


30 July 2017
Finished Stand by Stand and Zero Option by. $5
Roll 17: 7
Landed Fantasyland 9
Picked The Land of Stories Worlds Collide 434 pages


New total $82






Started with $20

1st roll 17 April -8
Landed at ?8
Read "The Devil's Stars" by Jo Nesbo 522 pages.
Finished on 24 April and collected $5.
New total $25

2nd roll 24 April - 7
Landed on Main street 14.
Read "Hector and the Search for Happiness" 192 pages.
Finished 30 April. Collected $2.
New total $27

3rd roll 30 April - 10
Landed at Water Work.
Read "The Leopard" by Jo Nesbo 740 pages.
Finshed on 4 May. Collected $5.
New total $32

4th roll 4 May -8
Landed at Paradise 30.
Read "NOS4R2" by Jo Hill 692 pages.
Finished 9 May. Collected $5.
New Total $37

5th roll 10 May -6
Landed at Tomorrow Land 36.
Read "How to Catch a Star" by Oliver Jeffers. 32 pages.
Read it and collected "$1".
New total $38

6th roll 11 May - 12
Landed Main street 10.
Read "Die Trying" by Lee Child 557 pages.
Read on 14 May. Collected $5.
New total $43

7th roll 15 May -6
Landed at Cars Land 16.
Read "Wrong Side of Goodbye" by Michael Connelly 400 pages. $5
New total $48

8th roll 2 June - 4
Landed at New Orleans 19
Read "The Dark" by Lemony Snicker 40 pages. $1
New total $49

9th roll 3 June - 8
Landed Adventureland 27
Read "Trigger Warning" by Neil Gaiman 308 pages, $3
New total:$52

10th roll 13 June: 11
Landed Monorail 29
Read "Nemesis" by Jo Nesbo 706 pages Collect $5.
New total: $57

11th roll 22 June: 10
Landed Frontierland 2
Read "Redbreast" by Jo Nesbo 636 pages Collect $5.
New total: $62


12 roll 25 June:7
Landed Fantasyland 9
Finished Unadultered Cat 160 pages Collect $2

New Total 64


13 Roll 11 July: 9 

Landed ?17 

Finished The Son by Jo Nesbo  656 pages. $5

New Total:$69


14  roll 17 July: 12

Landed Free Parking 

Roll again. Got a 3. Odd number sent to WaterWork

Finished Headhunters by Jo Nesbo 384 pages. $3

New total $72


15 Roll 22 July 2017:7

Landed The Monorail

Finished Blood on Snow by Jo Nesbo. $3 

New Total $74



16 roll 23 July 2017:10

Landed in Frontierland 2 

Finished Midnight Sun. Picked up $3. 

New Total $77


17 roll 30 July 2017 :7

Landed Fantasyland 9

Finished Stand by Stand and Zero Option by. $5

New total $82

Sharp has family held as hostages to force him to kill

Zero Option - Chris Ryan

Sharp did the right thing to report incident.


Now the bad guys captured his son and girlfriend in exchange for a prisoner. 


The plan is good and realistic. It is not a one man mission but a coordinated teams for men trying to free a boy and a woman from the bad guys. 


The idea is not if he could kill the bad guys. There is not a lot of hatred but a much more pragmatic way to deal with a very bad situation. The professionalism of the main characters shine through in between the lines.  



Enjoyable if one like details on how operation is done. 

When the terrorist mess with Sharp and his family

Stand By, Stand by - Chris Ryan

He still go to work.


But he wanted to get back to the terrorist who messed with his family. 


There is a lot of details about training exercise and stuff. 


Being prepared is everything. What to bring and stuff.


Also, about how to communicate with team when they are watching someone. The tactical and technical part of the story is pretty interesting. 


As I'm a fan of procedural detective TV series, this is more or less what I expected from his work. 


This is one of the earlier work. Still very good. The language include some rather sexist terms like "tits up", but it is not too offensive to become a distraction. 

A story of a romantic fixer

Blood on Snow: A novel - Jo Nesbo, Jo Nesbo

This one and the Midnight Sun is about fixer. 


This one is effective yet romantic. He interpreted things like a writer seeing the world, with rosy lense.


His misinterpretion leads to a sad progression of the story.



He was ordered to kill a woman. But he didn't want to, and that is how the problem started.




Finding love while running for your life

Midnight Sun: A novel - Jo Nesbo

That's the story.


Jon was mistaken as a fixer when his friend used the gun he bought for him committed suicide with it. So when the bad guy chase the gun, they found Jon. 


Jon needs money as he desperately trying to find treatment for his daughter. 


He hide from the bad guys in the north and met with a cultist Lutherian Christians. The story is usual twisty for such a short book. Enjoyable. 

A headhunter met the best candidate

Headhunters - Jo Nesbo, Jo Nesbo, Don Bartlett

Roger didn't like this candidate at all. But what he is interested in is his collection of art that he wanted to steal.


The characters are not likeable. The readers have to find out who is really the worst guy as both of the protagonists are liars.


Interesting and stinky kind of story. Not pretty but got the usual twist and turn.  

A Christian jerk wrote a hatred filled anti-gay book

The Truth Comes Out: Laying Waste to the Lies of the "LGBT community" - Lance C Wells

A waste of good paper to print this crap.


The funny story is in the link of this Christian jerk giving his own book 5 stars review while many other readers give it one star.



Prison break of Sonny, a son of a cop

The Son - Jo Nesbo, Jo Nesbo

Sonny is in jail and being framed for another crime that he didn't commit. His role is the confessor of the prisoners and he didn't speak and would give blessing.


But then he break out of prison.


He seems to have a plan. A third way through the book and I still don't know what the plan is.


The cop is now investigating several killings. All killed by Sonny.

But why. 


Interesting story so far. Not sure where is it going. 


Reading half way through, the detective Simon become an ally because Sonny trust him enough to send him tip off for criminal activities.

Sonny is after someone who is responsible for the death of his father. 


The really fun part of this book is seeing the killing from the point of view of the killer. Sonny is not creepy at all because of good writing. He is polite and sweet. He is also not thirty and would reward criminal who tell the truth. 


That's part I like a lot. He is after justice. 

Harry is after a sadistic serial killer Snowman

The Snowman: A Harry Hole thriller (Oslo Sequence 5) by Nesbo. Jo ( 2010 ) Paperback - Nesbo. Jo

Married women with children were found to have disappeared without a trace. No body. Nothing.


Harry found that these women were dead and someone has targeted them. 


But why?


The reason is strange. The story is getting very close to home.


The details in the story, with Harry refused to enlarge the startup team of four for investigation, to his surprise and strange betrayal by someone close to the investigation. There is so much twist in the story, yet it is seemingly possible. 


Like this a lot. 


On the love side. He split with Rakel and know they are having an affair while Rakel is dating someone else.


Why can't they just accept that they are just safer if they stay together.  


5 stars.