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The Sandman, Vol. 1: Preludes and Nocturnes
Neil Gaiman, Malcolm Jones III, Karen Berger, Sam Kieth, Todd Klein, Mike Dringenberg
Bad Soldier
Chris Ryan
More Human: Designing a World Where People Come First
Steve, Bade, Jason, Bade, Scott Hilton
The View from the Cheap Seats: Selected Nonfiction
Neil Gaiman
Purity: A Novel
Jonathan Franzen
Telegraph Avenue: A Novel
Michael Chabon
London Fields
Martin Amis

Chasing after the killer who took a child

The Slaughter Man - Tony Parsons

It is hard to believe that Tony Parsons who brought us Man And Boy could write such detective story.


I started with this one because it was on sale. But then detective Max Wolfe is a character that seems complex enough to be real. He has a daughter and now chasing after a killer who murdered a family and took a young boy.


The going to the "Black Museum" is a bit strange as homicide detective could not just clock out to visit the library. A plot device to link this murder to a old murder because of the unique murder weapon.


Like the story because it has tension. Not enough to be an action movie. More like a dark British style drama that has some kind of reveal in the end.


The build up is okay. 65% done and already got some confrontation that landed the detectives in the hospital.


The other dimension of the story is this very detective Wolfe has a young daughter and a dog. An ex-wife who had a new family, and has pushed the daughter towards him. So, in a sense, this is Man and Girl, with a detective and a daughter who made him promise to be there for her.


Good story telling.  I would probably read the first one after this. 



Also, I like the additional stuff that built around the series. 


Like having a map to the story. And the photos of the offices. 


I just googled Max Wolfe and this come up. 




Image result for Max Wolfe


Pretty cool. 

Credit: Mark Segal
Credit: Mark Segal
Credit: Mark Segal
Credit: Mark Segal

Chris Evan reading books and journal. Wouldn't that be the poster for encourage reading for Captain America and Fantastic Four Johnny fans. 


These are from interview with Esquire. The story is fine, but what I like is photos of beautiful people reading books.


I like books more than people. as I could literally read between the pages, and people are not like open books.  


Soviet's agent take the red pill

Child 44 - Tom Rob Smith

Leo's awakening.


In the beginning of the book, Leo is a strong, effective state agent. 


Then things happened that begin to shake his faith of the state, or the state methodology. He was an agent of the state that caught citizens who were accused of subversion. Yet, these people who are caught are not bad people, they are just normal people who would confess to anything if they were being tortured. 


Then he found out that he has been living in a lie. 


Not only he fantasied about his job, he has romanticised about courtship with his wife.


It is all a lie. And Leo begin to see the truth. The truth that put his life in danger.


It started with a denial of a child found killed near the railroad track. Leo delivered the state position that it was an accident.


Leo was also smart and he found out more information that it was no accident. That is against the state position, and all the excuse needed to get him into trouble.


He was also lied to by his wife.


A lot of lies.


Leo was happy when he didn't know the truth.


This is a Russia, Soviet era Matrix story. Would he rather take the red pill or the blue pill.


He take  the red pill and now the illusion is off and the harsher reality review itself. 


Almost to the end of the book. Good story telling. The movie didn't do it justice as a lot of subplot, the more internal revealing of the truth is not shown. 


Bosch has to investigate a murder with a possible terrorist twist

The Overlook - Michael Connelly

Or not.


Bosch got a new partner who is a bit afraid of his way of doing things. Going head to head with the FBI and whoever like to stand in his way of investigation.


So... this is a not a straight forward murder. A man was first blackmail and then killed by possible terrorists.


This is a large print version and it is shorter than most of his other books. 


The constant in a Bosch novel is lies. FBI lied to Bosch and Bosch lied to FBI. 


In the last 2 chapters when the killer is being discovered. It is going to be a surprise. 

Read Guardians of the Galaxy Infinite Comic #1

Just finished reading. Pretty awesome. 


I have the problem locating and linking it to existing comics. Maybe I have to upload the data to the system before I could link it first. 


But this is what it looks like.




I like it. The graphic seems a bit too smooth, so it is probably computer assisted generated. But the story is okay and I like it. 


The story is about the team being sucked into another dimension with a strange creature that looks like a Pokemon monster. So they run around the place trying to escape.


Not a lot of fighting, a lot of running around with cool graphics. 

Peppa Pig books banned in China

Books Of Opposites (Peppa Pig) - Liz Catchpole Peppa Pig The Tooth Fairy - Neville Astley, Mark  Baker Peppa Pig and the Lost Christmas List - Candlewick Press, Neville Astley, Mark  Baker Peppa Pig: Let's Go On A Treasure Hunt - Neville Astley, Mark  Baker, Susie George Peppa Pig: Let's Make A Snowman! - Neville Astley, Mark  Baker, Sadie Chesterfield Peppa Pig and Her Best Friend - Neville Astley, Mark  Baker, Gail Herman Lost Glasses (Peppa Pig) - Neville Astley, Mark  Baker Peppa Pig School Bus Trip - Neville Astley, Mark  Baker

Why would grown men in the Chinese government feel threatened by Peppa Pig?


If anyone say the Chinese government is fine, don't believe this person. How could a government be fine while feeling threatened by children books about pink pigs. 



Guardians of the Galaxy Volume 1: Cosmic Avengers (Marvel Now) - Brian Michael Bendis Guardians of the Galaxy (2015-) #2 - Brian Bendis, Valerio Schiti, Arthur Adams



Preparing myself for the new Guardian of the Galaxy movie, I would read a lot of graphic novels before May. 


Guardians of the Galaxy - Infinite Comic (2015) 2 Page 9


Read on. 

Jack Reacher series, 21 books and counting

Night School: A Jack Reacher Novel - Lee Child Make Me: A Jack Reacher Novel - Lee Child Personal - Lee Child Never Go Back - Lee Child A Wanted Man (Jack Reacher, #17) - Lee Child The Affair (Jack Reacher, #16) - Lee Child Worth Dying For - Lee Child Gone Tomorrow - Lee Child Nothing to Lose - Lee Child Without Fail - Lee Child, Dick Hill

21 books in order. And I finished them all. 



Killing Floor #1
Die Trying - Lee Child #2
Tripwire - Lee Child#3
Running Blind - Lee Child = The Vistor #4
Echo Burning #5
Without Fail - Lee Child #6
Persuader - Lee Child #7
The Enemy - Lee Child #8
One Shot - Lee Child #9
The Hard Way #10
Bad Luck and Trouble #11
Nothing to Lose #12
Gone Tomorrow - Lee Child #13
61 Hours - Lee Child #14
Worth Dying For - Lee Child #15
The Affair (Jack Reacher, #16)
A Wanted Man (Jack Reacher, #17)
Never Go Back #18
Personal - Lee Child #19
Make Me #20
Night School #21


This is not my photo. But I do have them all in different sizes. 



Jack Reacher is the main characters. Lee Child wrote pretty okay stories. Sometimes good, sometimes not so much. But it is still good enough for me. I like a certain consistency in books, like the character could not jump for being mature and calm one minutes and a juvenile person in the next few chapters. Jack Reacher is a person with no future plan, with no real planning and as a drifter, he got the freedom, and the escape for someone who are tied down with schedule and some sort of plan.


It is an escape.


Fighting a good fight, and a kind of avoidance of messy relationship and emotion blackmail.


I do read women books and some are not bad. Many are not so good. I finally found in Reacher what I dislike in books. Lies, manipulation, and pettiness. That's I found in many of the chick-lit I read that turn me off. I would like women getting in hot water, not because she secretly fancy her best friend's boyfriend, but see someone in trouble and try to give a hand. The kind of trouble beyond make-up, hair-do, and style change.


I read Lee Child as an escape as it doesn't require a lot of thinking, and it would not irritate like chick-lit.


Not all escape novel read the same way.


I read some other escape man-lit and they didn't go down as smoothly as Reacher.  


The plots are mostly involved with some form of detective work. And Reacher role is to get the job done. Reacher has a strong sense of justice. And he would act out this internal compass. He is more like a Batman without the dark past and the gadgets. And of course, without the rich man resource.


And he is vanilla. I don't know why he is vanilla, but he is. He didn't talk dirty, and he didn't do dirty things. It is not a lot of grey area for Reacher. 


The hidden tone of being loyal to the cause is there. But not so much. 



The world is a mess and sometimes we need to escape into a world where order is being restored. 


And Lee Child offers just that. 


Carry on. 


Wee Granny's Magic Bag - Maria Bogade, Elizabeth McKay

The Wee Granny bag is like the magic bag of Doraemon.


Instead of futuristic gadget, she got a telephone box and a oven in her bag. 


James did a wonderful job telling the story. He could make a donkey sound too.


Watch it and read it. 



The Dinosaur that Pooped a Planet - Dougie Poynter, Tom  Fletcher, Garry Parsons

OK. It is about boy and pooh. 


James is really good at reading children story. Even could make pooh sounds really funny. 

Little Red Riding Hood - Katie Cotton, Alison Jay

James McAvoy reads Little Red Riding Hood by Alison Jay.


He is pretty good at it. 

He played all the characters, including the big bad wolf. 



Jack Reacher found love and trouble

Tripwire - Lee Child

In the earlier day, Jack Reacher is what he is, hard and tough and want nothing to live one day at a time.


Trouble find him, or there wouldn't be a story.


And in the process, he found a woman he knew when she was still a teenager. 


Now she is no longer a teenager, they could be together. 


This is more than just the usual fling. This is more than that. 


She is in danger of some sort because someone is shooting at her. Jack is going to play body guard and lover.


There are some subplot that seems like a distraction but now going into the main story.


Jack is investigating a disappearance of a solider in Vietnam war. That's a long time ago so why is it still classified? In the meantime, he discovered the parents of the missing soldier were conned.


Further investigation found more details about this missing person.


Pretty good storytelling. 


Old Man Logan steps into the past

Old Man Logan (2015) #1 - Andrea Sorrentino, Brian Michael Bendis

The story start from issue #1 to issue #18.


The start of the story began when Logan has a blaze to the past.


And then found out the past is not even his past.



This opened up a whole new line of story. 


The best bit is still the remembering of his past with his wife, and how they started out together. 


This is rare for Wolverine and kind of act a new dimension to his character.



Not as much fighting in this one. More of how he would try to find another way out a jam, instead of like a bulldozer, he act more like a tired solider who would fight if he has to, but he prefer to talk thing out and avoid the final show down. 


As the story progress, it is jumping a bit. 


Old man Logan is tired but he keep fighting. 


The vampire story is a bit of side-stepping. But that's okay. 


Overall, interesting stories. 




Wolverine Old Man Logan

Wolverine: Old Man Logan - Steve McNiven, Mark Millar

Very dark comics. 


Logan already living as a farmer who has a family, keeping his head down, and not care of fighting anymore.


He need to get money, which he did. But they killed his family anyway.


Wolverine core value, for being an old cynical man, is that he don't want to care for anyone because he couldn't bear to see them getting hurt.

Logan instinct is to protect, and if he failed to do that, he either get very depressed, or get very violent. And sometimes both.


This is one of those time that he did both.


Image result for wolverine Old man logan



Wolverine: Old Man Logan - Steve McNiven, Mark Millar Old Man Logan (2015) #1 - Andrea Sorrentino, Brian Michael Bendis Old Man Logan (2015) #2 - Andrea Sorrentino, Brian Michael Bendis X-23: Innocence Lost - Craig Kyle, Christopher Yost, Billy Tan X-23, Vol. 1: The Killing Dream - Marjorie M. Liu, Alina Urusov X-23: Target X - Craig Kyle, Christopher Yost, Michael Choi, Mike Choi

Watched the movie "Logan" today. It was a great movie. Load of actions. It is really awesome. 


And it is also very very sad.


So, I go back and read all the comics regarding old man Logan and X-23 I could get my hands on. 


Image result for Logan


Start reading. 

Jack Reacher chasing after bad guy in 1996

Night School - Lee Child

Jack got an uneasy assignment and he did well only to be sent to school.


But the school is not really a school but a secret cross departmental assignment.


This brought Reacher into Germany to try to find a guy who is only given a code name the American.


Good old Reacher doing detective work. 


Part of good storytelling is that some plots are there, just hidden beneath the surface and spelled out. Yet it is smart or show build complexity into the characters. 


When Reacher seeks the help of the local German police, in exchanging for running print for a person implicated for a murder. There is much more going on.


This is not the standard action movie type of story. There is only a small fight scene and one sex scene so far, for filling in the quota as a Jack Reacher story. Most of the book is about detective work, a nameless villain that Reacher is chasing.


A good story overall.  


The last 40 pages are the best. It is good that he got a dilemma and he act according to what he think is right. But it is still wrong when it is right.


Good way to end a story.