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Evan was captured and in danger

The Nowhere Man: An Orphan X Novel (Evan Smoak) - Gregg Hurwitz

Evan was kidnapped and held for ransom. 


That's more than half of the book, Evan being locked up and trying to get free.


The story is good, and on the second book, he is no longer in charge of his life as the villains are his match.



Not really the stuff I like the most. But it is still a good story with a twist. 


Looking forward to its ending and the next one. 

Jason Bourne with self awareness instead of amnesia

Orphan X: A Novel (Evan Smoak) - Gregg Hurwitz

Interesting story teller from the perspective of government trained child solider turn loose because he has questioned order and want to quit the killing job.


The story is good. From the need to be alone yet need mission to stay focus.


Main focus of the story is how a survivor of child abuse be allowed to learn to trust again. That's go through with a lot of running and quite a lot of bullets.


The only part I might not like so much is the description of fighting style. It is a bit much, a little bit over the top that make it cheesy. 


The rest is okay. 


Oh... and the lack of description in the sex scene. In one paragraph they are taking off their clothes. The next paragraph is the morning after already. Nothing much in between.


At least the part of sex would show how trust is built or the lie is being reveal, or something.


The really good bit is about the building of relationship between this loner and a boy. That's kind of sweet, without being cheesy.



Overall, a good read. Nice character building. Looking forward to a next one. 

Wine & Dine magazine writer being blackmail in joining the CIA

The Travelers: A Novel - Chris Pavone

The premise does not make sense.


I enjoyed the Accident and hope this would be a nice one. 


The premise is a bit off. And the story take too long to setup with the chapters jumping around a lot in different locations.


Even CIA operative have standard. So why set a honey trap for a good guy so that he would become an asset to the CIA?

That really make no sense at all.


Already dislike the premise at 10 chapters in. 


Hope the situation would improve by either making the situation urgent and CIA desperate, somehow give the main characters more incentive to be more cooperative, or drop the premise and give it a  better back story.


Will continue to be a spy in training with real mission. He kind of like the extra cash. It is like a secret part-time job with gadgets and secrets. 


The persons involved supposed to be a journalist, A  wine and dine food  travel journalist writing about hotel, food and stuff, but with proper journalist training. He should have known something is wrong.


Anyway, a bit too much for a 400 plus pages book. Not enough interaction between Will and Chole to make it work. But not as bad as I first thought it would be.


So a four stars.  



You Must Bring a Hat - Kate Hindley, Philip Simon

Tom Hardy read You must bring a hat.


Read this long time ago. Like it a lot. 

Image result for you must bring a hat


Image result for you must bring a hat

John Porter story continued in this mad dash to get the bad guys

Deathlist : A Strikeback Novel(Hardback) - 2016 Edition - Chris Ryan

Strike Back TV series is pretty addictive watch.


John Porter is a good solider. 


Image result for john porter


The story continued when he has to be reassigned to become training instructor, but the training exercise was under attack.


The realistic way the story move forward makes it tense and enjoyable. 


Not an easy book to put down once you get started. 


This time, the bad guys done a well planned attack on the training camps. 


Without giving up the plot, this is highly recommended. Especially for those who are also fans of the series. 


Sebastian Barry won again

Days Without End - Sebastian Barry

"A “searing, magnificent” depiction of a gay relationship during the bloody founding of modern America, described by judges as “one of the most wonderful depictions of love in the whole of fiction”, has won the Costa book of the year award." 

A deadly manuscript

The Accident - Chris Pavone

A fast moving book with a lot of seemingly mundane subplots. It goes well together and it is hard to put down once you started the book.


There isn't much likeable character. This is certainly an adult book with no clear caricature of good persons or villains. The rules was set long ago and it is up to the characters on how they will deal with what's coming.


The coming of danger is more like a day in the office, nothing surprise, some comes with warning, some don't. And it is very clever. 


This is surprising fast read. The only objection is that I didn't care for any of the characters at all. But then, it is not that type of books. 


Who know publishing industry is so cut-throat. 


Go read. It is good. 


The story get really good at the end. Much more realistic than a plan shootout. It raised from enjoyable to very enjoyable. 

A child size thriller

Awful Auntie - David Walliams

This is a thriller for children.


The story centred in Stella who wake up from a coma from an accident that killed her parents. 


It also involved a villain, the awful auntie in the book title.


It got nice illustrations. 


Image result for awful auntie


It is a nice read because the girl, Stella, has been acting her age, that makes this a whole lot sweeter and funnier. 


Good story. Got some plots twist here and there. Overall. Very enjoyable. 




Neil Gaiman reads his own American Myths spin-off

The Monarch of the Glen - Neil Gaiman


The most wonderful book on gender expression

The Boy in the Dress - David Walliams, Quentin Blake

Wonderful book written in simple language that children could understand.


Yet the values and the message behind the book is not simple at all.


Why are person judge so harshly because of the way they dress? Why? What for?


A child could wear whatever they want and it is fine. And when the child become adult, the same rule applies. 


Could not recommend highly enough. I would give it extra star just for an easy read and meaningful with load of humour. 


A boy Dennis wore a dress because... he wants to. He does not need to have a reason beside it make him feel special and it is fun to do.


Cheers for that. 



The setup take too long and not enough tension

Fortress  - Andy McNab

The story follows Tom and most of the time, he just kind of going round finding something about this organisation that tried to recruit him.


Problem with this novel is that there isn't much tension. I almost finished the book and kind of guessed that the rich guys is trying to make money out of home grown terrorist attacks. 


This would make an okay short story but dreading and stretching it to make a novel make it boring.


Yes. It is boring.

The few actions, with Tom just go and shot the bad guys who were acquaintances without some internal emotional struggle makes it a bit odd. There isn't much internal dialogue for Tom to allow the reader knows whats going on. That make me care very little on what's going to happen to Tom or his target.


Oh well.


3 stars for now. Depends if the ending make any sense.  

The Reading Habit Tag

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Many thanks to Spooky's House of Books for creating the first fun tag of 2017 and BrokenTune for letting me know. 

Here is mine. 

1: Do you have a certain place in your home for reading: 
Anywhere that I could sit down. 

2: Bookmark or random piece of paper? 

I use ribbon as bookmark. The ribbons I got are recycled materials from gift wrappings. I cut them into book length and use this as bookmark. Also used whatever receipt I got as bookmark if I lost the ribbon bookmark. 

3:Can you just stop reading or do you have to stop read after a chapter / certain number of pages: 

I can stop anytime and pick up wherever I left off. 

4:Do you eat or drink while read: 
Yes. Eat chocolate, peanuts... Drink whiskey, coffee, hot chocolate..

5: multitasking: music or TV while reading: 
TV or music with reading. But not all three at the same time.

6:one book at a time or several at once: 

Several books at once. One to be kept with me while I was out of the house, and a few books to read when I get home. 

8: reading out loud or silently in your head:
Silence. I'm reading out loud in my mind and sometimes in the voice of the writer. 

9:Do you read ahead or even skip pages:

Read all pages. I don't skip pages. But will skip ahead to see if some characters survived to the end or not if it is late and i have to go to sleep. 


10:Barking the spine or keeping it like new:
Keep it new, always. 

11:Do you write in your books: 
No. I don't like to write in books unless there is something I need to remember. 

Spider-Man/Deadpool Vol. 1: Isn't It Bromantic? - Ed McGuinness, Joe Kelly

Spiderman kissing Deadpool.


OK. Andrew Garfield who played Spiderman kissing Ryan Reynolds who played Deadpool. 


Close enough.


So I checked out is there a crossover. And here it is. Starting to read vol 1. 


Art by Ed McGuinness for Marvel Comics


So looking forward to this. 

Patrick the born detective... sort of

Rubbernecker - Belinda Bauer

Interesting story telling about Patrick, a young person with Asperger's syndrome.

He is a loner who lost his father when he was young in a car accident. And his mother is a drunk and dislike him because of his disability.


Patrick like to study death because he didn't understand how his father had died, right in front of him.


Poor kid handled things the way that make sense to him. He is good in his own way without realising that other people don't like him because he didn't do what is expected of him in common social interactions.


Most interaction is shallow anyway and it just take too much energy.

The story started slow and it picked up quickly. Very enjoyable. 




Christian scumbag trying to lie his way to money by selling his NDE

A Glimpse of Eternity - Ian McCormack as told by Jenny Sharkey Clinically Dead: I've Seen Heaven and Hell - Jenny Sharkey, Ian McCormack

What a jerk.


He got a NDE and tried to sell it off as religious. 


What a load of crap.


His attitude is arrogant and he is full of shit. 


Don't buy this book and give money to jerk. 

Fantastic book that is humorous and sweet

Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them (Harry Potter) - Newt Scamander, J.K. Rowling

A short book for charity. Nice one. Complete the illusion by putting the fictional writer on the cover.


Enjoy this. Couldn't resist buying some gifts for myself.


The handwritten stuff added the illusion of being a used book of Harry Potter. There is more evidence for Harry Potter being real than Jesus in the bible as there is more than one book on Harry. 


I got this after seeing the film. It makes this book even more attractive as I remembered how Newt tried to collect and protect beasts. 



Some of the beasts we are familiar, some not. It still captures the imagination of being in a world of magic, that dragons live along side three-headed-snakes.