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The Escape - David Baldacci

So far, John is being first ordered not to take the case of his brother escape. Then 3 higher rank officers ordered him to take the case.


And he got a tail. Knox was ordered to work with John. And Knox was a liar. 


John confronted Knox, as he is not ordered to work with her. 


Good call. 


Now, another dead body was found in John hotel room. 


Getting interesting. 



Reading progress update: I've read 65 out of 432 pages.

The Escape - David Baldacci

John Puller has a brother who was in jailed for treason. 


In the first chapter, it described how his brother was in jailed and later gone.


John got the news and was ordered to stay off the case. Which is something that not really possible. 


But then, he didn't fully believe his brother is guilty. He just don't know why an innocence man would run. 



Jack Reacher got dumped and found a case

The Midnight Line - Lee Child

Jack Reacher got dumped by a woman. The drifter lifestyle is not for everyone. 


It seems pointless. But a lot of things is really pointless.


Reacher came crossed a West Point ring and used his usual persuasive method to get to know where it came from. 

A person has to go through a lot to get that ring. It is important to a person and shouldn't be given up that easy.


So it is either a stolen ring that needs to go back to its owner, or this person is in serious trouble and have to give up her ring. 


So he went and chase after whoever this ring belonged to.


He first find a drug dealer. 


Then the drug dealer pointed him to another person Sy. 


Turned out Sy was dead long ago. It is just for the drug dealer to put a hit on Reacher. 


He survived, of course. 


Now a private detective got involved, turned out he was looking for the same person.


Now where is she?

It turned out that she was in hiding.


There is a few twits in the end. Overall story is quite straight forward. Reacher found a person, a former Army personnel who needs help. And he helped. 


The backdrop of the story is the black market of prescriptive drugs. 


Still an okay story. 


4 stars read.  


Reading progress update: I've read 279 out of 400 pages.

The Midnight Line - Lee Child

In the search for the missing West Point graduate, Reacher found out something.


Actually, I have guessed that much why no one see the woman living in such a low density population. 


Her twin sister is beautiful. And beautiful woman like to be seen. 


Unless she is no longer beautiful. 


And the ring indicated that either she was a victim of a crime, or she had given up in exchange something that is more important to her at the time. 


Sad really. Not a lot of action. More like a detective story than usual. 

Reading progress update: I've read 108 out of 400 pages.

The Midnight Line - Lee Child

Jack Reacher got dumped. No surprise there. Not a lot of women could be a drifter like him.


So, he kind of drifted again. And while he is on the road, he came across a West Point ring, woman's size.


So instead of reflecting on why he got dumped and how he could improve his situation, he is now focus on who this ring belonged to and why this is on sale in a pawn shop.


That led him to a thief, then another. 


The start is good. Reacher is a bit more mature, but not quite. 


Amos Decker freed Melvin Mars and got a best friend

The Last Mile - David Baldacci

Another good one. 


This is the 2nd book in the Amos Decker series, happened right after Amos got the offer to join the FBI. 


And it is a good one. Amos Decker found out a fellow footballer was on death row and think he is innocent. 

Turned out he is, and is free after another person on death row confused to the crime he is accused of. The interesting bits is about how a man feel being wrongly jailed for twenty years, and how he feel about not being loved by one parent at all.


Melvin Mars was jailed for killing his parents. He didn't. He was framed. 


Who framed Melvin Mars? That's the part Amos found out together with Melvin Mars.


But that's not complex enough to be a Amos Decker story. It has to be a twist in the plot with more bad guys and some conspiracy. 


That's what happened. A lot of bad guys who threatened Amos Decker's life. 


And of course he is not afraid for himself. But he is worried that the bad guys going to harm other persons in his FBI team.


So... he got help from Mars and solved the case. Sometimes friendship is form when one see the other guy willing to risk his life for the truth. 


Solid read. Pretty nice. The book right after this is The Fix. Another good one. 



Reading progress update: I've read 484 out of 590 pages.

The Last Mile - David Baldacci

Melvin Mars is now out of jail and helping in the investigation of the murders of his parents. 


Amos Decker is helping, even if FBI is being called off the case.


So who framed Melvin for the murder? 

The play is around football. Melvin's parents were hiding from some bad guys who wanted to harm them. 


The clues include why Mars' parents were shot in the head and set on fire. And why Montgomery wanted to confuse to this killing right before Mars was scheduled to be executed. 


And why Montgomery's wife has money to spend before getting the insurance money. 


There are a lot of questions. Right in the middle, Amos Decker made some wild speculations. This is a plot device as the clue is running into dead end. The way Amos Decker detect is go after all the details where is no clue. Interview everyone and see what come up.


Kind of not so systematic.

Only one guy really threatened Amos life, and he is linked to the killing.  

Solid 4 stars 

Shock Doctrine takes 2 and fingers crossed

No Is Not Enough - Naomi Klein

The first 200 pages of the book is just repeating shock doctrine at the time of Trump election win.


The last 100 pages is the new stuff. But by that time, I have pretty much lost interest in what she is going to say.


Still a logic book but I have a bit of disagreement. 


Brushing over what the liberal have done to Clinton during election and allow that jerk Trump win, that's not just the far right is good at getting the right vote and the people who don't usually vote, voted for Trump. It is also reflect quite badly on the left and it typical not united front. 


Identify politic is bullshit and it is what make people so difficult to work with each other on the left. 


Being kind is good. But think of where the refugee is from and how they could take up the host country value toward women, children, gay is just not realistic. And seeing through rosy lens just wouldn't do.


With that said, she did try to give a message of hope. Based on there are just good people in the world.


But after reading this book, I still feel quite despair. 


For readers who haven't read Shock Doctrine might like this more. For me, it is just boring. 

Reading progress update: I've read 194 out of 273 pages.

No Is Not Enough - Naomi Klein

Still not telling me something new. 


Trump is bad. I know that.


Some assholes would profit when people are in shock, as said in her last book. I know that too.


Tell me something new. Some new insight. 


So far, it is the same old same old. If I have not read Shock Doctrine, I might enjoyed this more. 


As in this case I have already read Shock Doctrine, she seems to be repeating herself a lot. 

Reading progress update: I've read 144 out of 273 pages.

No Is Not Enough - Naomi Klein

A bit disappointed. Half way through the book and it still haven't said anything that is new, or things that I don't already known long ago.

Yes. Trump is bad. No disagreement there.


Has identity politics play a part in helping Trump during election. Of course yes. 


Why people stay at home if they know this jerk is going to be president. Not fulfilling their civil duty has everything to do with beliefs, and thinking, and a lot of angry identity politics supporters. 

Nothing new. Nothing exciting so far. 

Reading progress update: I've read 64 out of 432 pages.

The Last Mile - David Baldacci

The 2nd Amos Decker book picked up where it left off from Memory Man. Amos was invited to join a small team in FBI as a consultant. 


He was nervous. And while driving to his new location, he heard over the radio that Melvin Mars, a footballer in death row and was stop from being executed when someone else confessed to the crime. 


Amos has met this when he was still in the game. And the coincidence that someone confessed also get him interested. 


He convinced the team that this is the next cold case to work on. 


Sounds good. 

Reading progress update: I've read 73 out of 273 pages.

No Is Not Enough - Naomi Klein

No is not enough is about those who are shocked that a horrible person like Trump could become president. 


So far, it is about Trump and his brand of fake news. 


Hate reality shows. Don't know why anyone would like it. But then Trump's administration is the biggest reality show the world. 




Harry is after a killer with sharp teeth

The Thirst - Jo Nesbø, Neil Smith

The twist in the end keep me up and didn't let me go to sleep.

Harry was now a teacher at a Police College and not a detective any more at the start of the story. He is happily married with a stepson. 


Then a killer starts killing women in horrible bloody way. Katrine is now head of crime squad. Bellmen the Chief of Police. Of course Bellman would blackmail Harry to come back and solved this. 


Truls is being an ass and leak information to the magazine VG for money.


One of the hunting ground of the killer is Jealousy Bar. 


The story is about Thirst and Jealousy. 


Thirst for the bottle. Harry no longer drink and go to bar that refuse to serve him drinks. 


Jealousy and the wants for recognition seems to motivate people to do bad things. 


Then the killer revealed himself to Harry. Targeted him and draws him in the game. 


The tension is added when Harry thought that the killer is targeting his family. 


Finally, Harry figured it out.  


Harry now knows that man behind the killing. But there is no evidence, and the clever killer already found a scapegoat. 


He setup a Monkey trap for the killer to reveal himself. 


Just in case anyone forget what a Monkey trap is: 

Image result for monkey trap


Of course it put Harry in danger. 


Read the book, it is that good.


Reading progress update: I've read 422 out of 480 pages.

The Thirst - Jo Nesbø, Neil Smith

Oh crap. Poor Harry. 


That Truls is really a big jerk. He leaks information again to that bitch of journalist Mona Daa and got someone kill.


Really? Heard of journalist integrity. You could get the story, but the timing is important. And not getting someone kill is good, or at least notify the police that the possibility that this would happen.


Poor Harry. Rakel is sick and Oleg is mad at him. Now he lost someone. 



Reading progress update: I've read 233 out of 480 pages.

The Thirst - Jo Nesbø, Neil Smith

Harry now know who is the killer and not very happy about it.


He didn't discovered who he is, as the killer revealed himself through one of the victim. 


He was a killer that was caught before and escaped from jail 4 years ago. 


And he has a old friend still in jail, also caught by Harry. A scary guy who is almost out. He is a rapist who deliberately got women pregnant and forced them to have children with him. 




So.... Harry is now hunting a killer who knows about Harry and knows a lot of about killings. 

The problem is, this killer is more about how he kills than who he kills. 


So far, the writing is good and the story is fine. It is progressing nicely and Harry didn't act out of character for being a happily married man. 


Reading progress update: I've read 112 out of 480 pages.

The Thirst - Jo Nesbø, Neil Smith

Harry is happily married. Now a teacher at Police College. Oleg is attending the college as he wants to be a policeman. 


Bellman is a jerk and now the chief of police. 


A murder happened to a young single, well educated woman. Now Bellman is under pressure to solve this murder quick .Katrine is now the team leader in Murder crime unit. 

So Bellman blackmail Harry to come and solve the murder.


Very good start.