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The Sandman, Vol. 1: Preludes and Nocturnes
Neil Gaiman, Malcolm Jones III, Karen Berger, Sam Kieth, Todd Klein, Mike Dringenberg
Bad Soldier
Chris Ryan
The View from the Cheap Seats: Selected Nonfiction
Neil Gaiman
The Pier Falls: And Other Stories
Mark Haddon
Faith Versus Fact: Why Science and Religion Are Incompatible
Jerry A. Coyne
Telegraph Avenue: A Novel
Michael Chabon
London Fields
Martin Amis

Google has digitised books and it got a one-click access

Only to have this access blocked by law suit.


I hope one day this would be released. It is sad to lost an online library that huge. 


So huge that the project is named Ocean. 

An ocean of books. 

Reacher was accidentally kidnapped

Die Trying - Lee Child

He was at the wrong place at the wrong time. 


Reacher was offering a helping hand to a young woman with a knee injury. And accidentally got kidnapped along with the woman.


This woman Holly turned out to be a FBI agent, a VIP. 


The story now go through how they tried to escape, and how they tried to save each other. 

Good story. A lot of details on guns and bullets. Some details on how Reacher developed some feeling for Holly. Reacher seems to like women, any woman who got closed enough for him to smell their shampoo. 


It is fun enough read. Good book for reading in flight or a pool side read with cocktail. 



A piece of trash, like its subject

Women Who Work: Rewriting the Rules for Success - Ivanka Trump

No word. Horrible book. Wasted trees. 


For more details. Read Moonlight Reader's post. 



Portal creator being hunted

Nos4 R2 - Joe Hill

Vic could create portal in her mind and travel through it. 


Cool trick. Only if she could believe it herself.


This is the story about a group of portal creators, among them a killer who preyed on children.


So Vic is trying to deal with her ability alone without much help from her parents. She was hunted by another portal creator who kidnapped children. 


40% done and it is quite a good story. Not great. But good. Not as creepy as I thought, but still a bit scary to know there are big bad guy out there with supernatural power. 




Once the bad guy kidnapped a child who is related Vic. Vic is on the chase. 


That moved real fast. 


I kind of like the way the chapter bleed into the next.


The thing I missed is why the bad guy is that bad. Why Christmasland is so horrible.


The second half of the book is the fight between Vic and the bad guy.


Still a pretty good read. 


Harry Hole is on the hunt again from Hong Kong to Congo

The Leopard: A Harry Hole thriller (Oslo Sequence 6) - Jo Nesbø, Don Bartlett

The part about him living in Hong Kong is really good and his mentioned of Cantonese logic is at least correct. 


The story followed that Harry was drunk and escaped to Hong Kong. As a serial killer has killed women in a such a way that couldn't be explained by the police, they need Harry Hole to come back and find the killer for them.


Police politics involved and a jerk tried to take the credit for Harry's hard work.


The story is good and it keep the readers guessing who is the killer. 


Jo Nesbo is a good story teller. And he is not afraid to be graphic and put the main character in real danger. It is fictional danger, but it is real enough for the readers to care what would happen to Harry and hoe he would get out of danger he was in.



Happy Star Wars Day

may the fourth be with you, may the 4th be with you, star wars day

Stuck - Oliver Jeffers

Good children story about how one solve a small problem by throwing bigger stuff at them to create a even bigger problem.


That's how programmer works sometimes. And sometimes, government makes that same mistake too.


It is an enjoyable story. The illustration is good. 


The story is read by Oliver Jeffers himself. Enjoy. 

Hector is like a gentlemanly French Mr. Bean

Hector and the Search for Happiness - Francois Lelord

Happy go lucky. Travel the world to find answer. Over simplified incidents and wrote notes down as if there is any wisdom in them. 


Silly. And not so funny. 


Not really my cup of tea or coffee or juice. 


Yes. Juice. This book is like drinking juice, a little sweet, refreshing, yet unsatisfying. 

Harry Hole is a drunk and a great detective

The Devil's Star - Jo Nesbo, Jo Nesbø

Harry doesn't use violence. He hardly fight if he could avoid it. He has a wife and a son who were driven from him by his drinking.


And he is a good detective that connecting dots where no one else could see them.


Jo Nesbo is a good writer who wrote detective stories with villains that stayed hidden until Harry revealed them to the readers.


The information is there but it is too brief and to unimportant at the time that it is much harder to pick up clues when you don't expect them to be clue.


That's the story. It started slowly. The characters are likeable for reasons that they are not loud and demand attention. They are just there to move the story along. 


There is some real twists in the plots. Reading this one is like driving on a country road, there are a lot of turns and you could only see a bit of the road before yet another turn. 


Yet the driving is somewhat pleasant, as it kind of get your attention. And the rhythm is more like a alternative rock with the drum keeping a tempo at a moderately steady beat. 


Back to the story.


It is link to the killings of several women, and the killer left a signature, a red star shape diamond. 


And there is a handsome detective on the raise. Tom. The handsome yet arrogant asshole who is stepping on other people, especially Harry.


So Harry did all the work connecting the dots while Tom got the credit, in front of the camera.


Harry is also got fired because he didn't show up to work. 


Then the twist and turn begin once the story is setup.


I was wondering about how come there are 35% of the book left after the serial killer was named and caught.


Now I know why.


Good reading. Highly recommended it for someone who like detective story. 


Open thread: what books do you find most attractive in a potential partner?

Pyramids: A Novel of Discworld - Terry Pratchett The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy - Douglas Adams The God Delusion - Richard Dawkins Hitch-22: A Memoir - Christopher Hitchens


Harry Potter's series is a turn-off for men but turn-on for women? 


Bible is a turn-off? Sure.


There is a list of books that I would say a total turn-off. Twilight, 50 Shades, The Secret, Deepak Chopra, are all on the turn-off list for all gender. 


It is harder than I thought to name four favourite books. If I read have to, I would imagine myself stuck in an airport with a delay flight, and which 4 books would help me survive. 

How a young selfish bitch gets through life

Purity: A Novel - Jonathan Franzen

Oh crap. I dislike Purity and I just past the 50 pages mark

What a twat? 


Purity or Pip is a bitch. A young selfish stupid bitch. 


I bought this book to get out of the genre. This is as close to literature and I dislike the main character, a lot. 


Let see what she did in the first 50 pages.


Whined about her mother for being unworldly. So fucking what? Pip could do a lot of things herself by just googling it. Don't put the blame on the woman who fed her and helped her to survive all by herself. Give her some credit as her not being abusive or alcoholic or something. 


Then she pushed herself to her room-mate as he told her his wife cheated on him and left a few hours ago. She told him how she felt about him and he told her that because he was the older man, he thought of himself as a father-figure. It makes sense. And her reaction is to take off all her clothes and push herself to him. What a sociopath? This guy is suffering from being dumped by his wife, and her reaction is to get something from him. 


I don't think I could care if she run into a car accident and then got killed in the next few paragraphs. She act as the world owe her something when the matter is, she is a waste of Earth resources by being inconsiderate and selfish. 


I hope she got killed in the end. 


Someone who is into literature could try to explain to me how this kind of character is built and being tolerated in literature. What point is the writer getting at when the main character is such as unlikable person. 


100 pages in and she did just about the same thing with the coworker. They flirted, but he didn't want her. She got upset because he told her he is happily married.


Side story about Andrea, the online flirt with Purity. 


There is no plot in this story so far. There is no obvious purpose or direction. No crisis, nothing important has happened to any of the characters. 


This is boring me to tears. 


The story has diverse course into the life of Andrea. He was obsessed with masturbation and had a weird mother and disciplinary father. He turned out weird as well. He did kill someone in trying to protect the woman he like. The relationship is sudden and underdeveloped. 


I do not know why all these selfish, self-centred characters act the ways they do, as if there is no law, and there is no consequences to their action.


Story like this sucks. 


Yes. Storytelling is fine. But relation and motivation of characters is like gravity. It does not happen in the book world, for real, but the writer has the obligation to write in it so that it would make sense. 


The book does not make any sense.


250 pages in.


She is now working as an intern research assistance. The adults around her treated her as a child and said as much. 


It takes me awhile to realise that this is a book about relationships. It is the part of the characters that all act irrational that irritate me. Why adult women, self identified as feminist would be jealous of a young woman?


300 pages in.


Tom had a mistress who had a husband. Why are characters in this book so bloody selfish. 


I dislike dishonesty. And this book is full of it that it stinks. 


Persons are complex. Yes. But one could be complex and still act noble and honest. One do not need to mess up other person life and add drama to make life complex. There are dictators, there are terrorists, there are injustice in the world that make fight for what's right so complex.


These characters reflect persons who have nothing better to do than to cheat and lie and cheat and lie some more. 


What's wrong with this character? When Willow tried to be nice to her, she turned crazy and said she hate her because she is smarter, richer and better. Why hate someone who is better than oneself? I would be grateful if someone better than me wanted to be my friend. 


I really dislike this character Purity and I hope she met her end in the end. 


Finally finished it. There are a lot of things I don't like about this novel.


1. The sex scene is totally unnecessary.

2. Pip or Purity is a virgin is not necessary.

3. The friend of her father trying to have sex with her as a mean to get back to her father, is creepy.

4. Her father Tom is not acting like a grown man. He should have told Purity that he is her father. 

5. Purity's mother is a really a crazy woman. Why are people around her being so nice? 


Glad I finished it. There isn't much meaning for it as how the characters are created to mess up each other fictional lives. 





Chasing after the killer who took a child

The Slaughter Man - Tony Parsons

It is hard to believe that Tony Parsons who brought us Man And Boy could write such detective story.


I started with this one because it was on sale. But then detective Max Wolfe is a character that seems complex enough to be real. He has a daughter and now chasing after a killer who murdered a family and took a young boy.


The going to the "Black Museum" is a bit strange as homicide detective could not just clock out to visit the library. A plot device to link this murder to a old murder because of the unique murder weapon.


Like the story because it has tension. Not enough to be an action movie. More like a dark British style drama that has some kind of reveal in the end.


The build up is okay. 65% done and already got some confrontation that landed the detectives in the hospital.


The other dimension of the story is this very detective Wolfe has a young daughter and a dog. An ex-wife who had a new family, and has pushed the daughter towards him. So, in a sense, this is Man and Girl, with a detective and a daughter who made him promise to be there for her.


Good story telling.  I would probably read the first one after this. 



Also, I like the additional stuff that built around the series. 


Like having a map to the story. And the photos of the offices. 


I just googled Max Wolfe and this come up. 




Image result for Max Wolfe


Pretty cool. 

Credit: Mark Segal
Credit: Mark Segal
Credit: Mark Segal
Credit: Mark Segal

Chris Evan reading books and journal. Wouldn't that be the poster for encourage reading for Captain America and Fantastic Four Johnny fans. 


These are from interview with Esquire. The story is fine, but what I like is photos of beautiful people reading books.


I like books more than people. as I could literally read between the pages, and people are not like open books.  


Soviet's agent take the red pill

Child 44 - Tom Rob Smith

Leo's awakening.


In the beginning of the book, Leo is a strong, effective state agent. 


Then things happened that begin to shake his faith of the state, or the state methodology. He was an agent of the state that caught citizens who were accused of subversion. Yet, these people who are caught are not bad people, they are just normal people who would confess to anything if they were being tortured. 


Then he found out that he has been living in a lie. 


Not only he fantasied about his job, he has romanticised about courtship with his wife.


It is all a lie. And Leo begin to see the truth. The truth that put his life in danger.


It started with a denial of a child found killed near the railroad track. Leo delivered the state position that it was an accident.


Leo was also smart and he found out more information that it was no accident. That is against the state position, and all the excuse needed to get him into trouble.


He was also lied to by his wife.


A lot of lies.


Leo was happy when he didn't know the truth.


This is a Russia, Soviet era Matrix story. Would he rather take the red pill or the blue pill.


He take  the red pill and now the illusion is off and the harsher reality review itself. 


Almost to the end of the book. Good story telling. The movie didn't do it justice as a lot of subplot, the more internal revealing of the truth is not shown. 


Bosch has to investigate a murder with a possible terrorist twist

The Overlook - Michael Connelly

Or not.


Bosch got a new partner who is a bit afraid of his way of doing things. Going head to head with the FBI and whoever like to stand in his way of investigation.


So... this is a not a straight forward murder. A man was first blackmail and then killed by possible terrorists.


This is a large print version and it is shorter than most of his other books. 


The constant in a Bosch novel is lies. FBI lied to Bosch and Bosch lied to FBI. 


In the last 2 chapters when the killer is being discovered. It is going to be a surprise. 

Read Guardians of the Galaxy Infinite Comic #1

Just finished reading. Pretty awesome. 


I have the problem locating and linking it to existing comics. Maybe I have to upload the data to the system before I could link it first. 


But this is what it looks like.




I like it. The graphic seems a bit too smooth, so it is probably computer assisted generated. But the story is okay and I like it. 


The story is about the team being sucked into another dimension with a strange creature that looks like a Pokemon monster. So they run around the place trying to escape.


Not a lot of fighting, a lot of running around with cool graphics.