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Robert Galbraith
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I See You
Gregg Hurwitz
Enlightenment Now: The Case for Reason, Science, Humanism, and Progress
Steven Pinker
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The View from the Cheap Seats: Selected Nonfiction
Neil Gaiman
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Reading progress update: I've read 500 out of 656 pages.

Lethal White - Robert Galbraith

500 pages in and we still don't know if it is really suicide or a killing.


The running around bit is a bit much. Detective work is grunt work. Interviewing and see if there is any hole in the story. 


Jasper children want to save the man's name. Raff the young son is arrogant as ever. The stinks of entitlement is heavy with this one. He is angry at Robin for pretending to be someone else while doing undercover work. 


Strike is honest at the beginning of his relation with Lorelei. I don't get what's her problem really. When man said he didn't want more than a friend he could shag, he meant it. And if she accepted this term, it means she treat him as a friend who consent for a shag. That's fair. And if there is any change in term, there need to be a honest negotiation. Instead of changing the term one-sided and blaming the other party for not changing the term as she likes it. That's not fair. 


Anyway, Robin has a breakdown of sort when Winn called and insulted her. She felt pretty useless already after being told many times by her husband, who feel entitled to belittle Robin while shagging with his best friend's fiancee Sarah. Two good looking men with nice background and education feeling entitled. 


Robin and Strike finally have a heart to heart and update each other on what's on with their lives. That's clear the air a little. Not sure why Robin wait so late to tell Strike what's going on with the panic attack. 


Like it because I like both characters. Not liking it to be that long. 


Reading this for Darkest London. Finished this and I would have a bingo. 


Luke has an adventure in the underworld

Eight Rivers of Shadow - Leo R. Hunt

The story is about Luke and a new girl Ash who forced/trapped Luke into helping her to save her twin half-ghost sister. 


Not bad on creating a background for the story, of Luke's father being a necromancer wronged Ash's family of necromancer.

The book of Eight still played a role as it haunted Luke in his nightmare. He was almost killed by his former servant ghosts. Now he is calling the ex servant ghost for help. 


The plot twists is there. It keep you reading as you want to find out what's happened to Luke and his girlfriend. 


But then... 


It is not really that great a story as part of it fall into all to familiar ground of cliche. Like revenge, lying, self interest. 


What is love really? 


Anyway, as the storytelling part is not too bad. Still got a 4 stars. 


Reading this for  Genre Horror square.


Reading progress update: I've read 300 out of 656 pages.

Lethal White - Robert Galbraith

Developing slowly. 


Part 1 finished. The first dead body found. 


So the story so far is about a politician being blackmailed and hired Strike to investigate the known blackmailer. 

Not much happening yet. Robin was sent undercover to ear drop on the blackmailer accomplices. 


And on the romance front. Strike got a new girlfriend he didn't love. 


Robin's marriage is not going well one year on. 


Not enough is happening. 


Reading this for Darkest London square. 

A children book about a transgender boy

Jack (Not Jackie) - Erica Silverman, Holly Hatam

A children book about a transgender child. Pretty lovely and rare to have such positive book on transgender children. 

Jack not jackie 9781499807318.in01




Jack not jackie 9781499807318.in02


Jack not jackie 9781499807318.in03


Jack not jackie 9781499807318.in04


Jack not jackie 9781499807318.in05

Stanley's Stick - John Hegley, Neal Layton

Simon Pegg reads Stanley's Stick by John Hedgley

2nd Bingo!




The last row. 


Terrifying women > Doomsday >Genre-Suspense >Terror in a Small Town > Cryptozoologist 


For Terrifying women          read MaddAddam by Margaret Atwood
For Doomsday                    read Day of Doom by David Baldacci

For Genre-Suspense          read The Woods by Harlan Coben  

For Terror in a Small Town  read Zero Day by David Baldacci

For Cryptozoologist             read Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them
                                                     by J.K. Rowling

Reading progress update: I've read 154 out of 382 pages.

Eight Rivers of Shadow - Leo R. Hunt

Luke's father was a necromancer. His father has ghosts that Luke set free after one of them trying to kill him in the last book that I have not read. 


Now Luke still have nightmare about the Book of Eight, a magic book that belonged to his father that could call up dark stuff like demon. 


Ash is the new girl who father is also a necromancer. She wants to use the Book of Eight to save her twin sister who is part ghost part human. 


Not sure of Ash intention yet. 


So far. OK. Not great, but nothing exceptionally bad. 


Reading this for Genre Horror square. 



Reading progress update: I've read 100 out of 656 pages.

Lethal White - Robert Galbraith

Strike is still at Robin's wedding.


Strike is falling down sleepy. Robin finally found out that Matthew deleted her message and intercepted calls from Strike. 


Why would Robin stays with Matthew as she still feels about him even if she is not sure if she should stay married to him. 


Oh well, back for business. New case one year on. 


They are not working as close. Strike has a new girlfriend now.  


Somehow the dynamic is different. Robin seems to have PDSD. Strike is on a new case when a crazy person walked into his office saying he saw a child got strangled. 

Pretty interesting start. Not sure where it is going yet. 



Bumposaurus - Britta Teckentrup, Penny McKinlay

Bumposaurus read by John Barrowman 


Pretty sweet. 

David getting some competition in magic school

Return to Groosham Grange: The Unholy Grail - Anthony Horowitz

David is having a competition and he didn't really like it. Vincent is the new kid and is on second place.


The winner get the Unholy Gail. 


David is not responding well to competition. 


So someone trying to frame him so that he would lost his place as the winner. But who is it?

The story is pretty awesome and funny. Laugh out loud funny. 


Good book to ask for rethink about good and evil. Who say magic is evil? Shouldn't person be judged based on action instead of perception.


4.5 stars read. 


Reading this for Supernatural square



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Wishmoley and the Little Piece of Sky - Julia Hubery

Wishmoley and The Little Piece of Sky read by Patrick Stewart

Zach the star fighter saving humanity

Armada: From the author of READY PLAYER ONE - Ernest Cline

Zach is a teenager who like games and science fiction. 


Like a lot of geek, he is not popular in school.


He has lost his father when he was still a baby. He loves his mom and is aimless. 


Then his daydream came true. The UFO and alien invasion is coming. 


The video games are just simulator for trying humans to fight alien invasion.


There is more to story than this. 


Why is the aliens with so advance in technology not use their technology to whip out their enemies in a more efficient manner? 


That's the story. 


It is really enjoyable. The reference to pop culture of games and science fiction movies are familiar and it is bugging. There is a deeper layer to all of this. 


Image result for the only legitimate reason for computer is to play game


Deep. But not as deep as the quote from previous book Ready Play One. 


Related image


Reading this for Free square. 



This book would also work for Doomsday square. 

First Bingo!



It has taken me a long time as the books I read were not called and the called squares I have not read.  



So with Diverse Voices - Relics and Curiosities-Free square - Modern Masters of Horror - Cryptozoologist. I got my first bingo. 


Books read: 


Diverse Voices - The Devotion of Suspect X by Keigo Higashino (3.5  stars) 

Relics and Curiosities -The Pinhoe Egg by Diana Wynne Jones (4.5 stars) 

Free square - Armada by Ernest Cline (5 stars) 

Modern Masters of Horror -Heart shaped box Joe Hill (4.5 stars) 

Cryptozoologist.- Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them J.K. Rowling (5 stars) 


Really good read.  




Reading progress update: I've read 121 out of 372 pages.

Armada: From the author of READY PLAYER ONE - Ernest Cline

What takes me so long to read this! 


Image result for This is awesome


That's limited to persons who watch Science fiction movies a lot.  Not as much as the main character Zack but close. 


And game playing. The setup is good as it is about fantasy, not just in US but in Japan, when the world is in danger and only a teenager or preteen could help to save the world.


Image result for Japanese anime school robot fighter


So, Zack is probably losing his tie to reality and thought he see a UFO. Then he was being invited to join a group of fighters who are all good at aliens fighting video games to defend Earth against aliens invasion. 


If this sounds familiar, it is because this the plot for The Last Starfighter. 


Image result for Last star fighter


Reading this for free square. 

Jean-Claude Arnault, man at centre of Nobel scandal, jailed for rape

Who said the #MeToo movement has no real impact. 


Persons who were sexually assaulted start speaking out. And one of the rapist, while having all the privilege of being a famous writer, still don't learn enough to respect women and their right to say no to his sexual advances. 


Now he is in jail. Good. Action finally comes with consequence. 

Jean-Claude Arnault


Not going to read his books. That's my choice as there are many other books to choose from and I don't need to read what a rapist want to say.