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Threats became everyday as we slipped: Salman Rushdie

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I dislike the word Islamphobia too, when I criticized this fucking shit religion Islam that stoned raped girls and women to death, or forced them to marry their rapists.

Fuck Allah. Fuck Islam. I hate religion and religion that spread religious bullshit to harm human pissed me off. 


Now back to the article. 


Salman Rushdie said, 


"“A word I dislike greatly, ‘Islamophobia’, has been coined to discredit those who point at these excesses, by labelling them as bigots. But in the first place, if I don’t like your ideas, it must be acceptable for me to say so, just as it is acceptable for you to say that you don’t like mine. Ideas cannot be ring-fenced….”


“And in the second place, it’s important to remember that most of those who suffer under the yoke of the new Islamic fanaticism are other Muslims….


“It is right to feel phobia towards such matters. As several commentators have said, what is being killed in Iraq is not just human beings but a whole culture. To feel aversion towards such a force is not bigotry. It is the only possible response to the horror of events.”



Poor man Rushdie. Forced into hiding. 


That is what society lost when they let those religious deluded who could get away with murder in the name of their delusion.