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Sam Harris debunked C. J. Werleman's accusation of plagiarism

God Hates You, Hate Him Back: Making Sense of The Bible (Revised International Edition) - C.J. Werleman Koran Curious - a guide for infidels and believers - C.J. Werleman Letters to Christian Leaders - Hollow Be Thy Claims - Jake Farr-Wharton, C.J. Werleman Crucifying America: the unholy alliance between the Christian Right and Wall Street - C.J. Werleman

C. J. Werleman is a twat that spread wrong information against Sam Harris. 


What a jerk. 

Readers could not trust writers who have lied repeatedly against another person. Why would he do that? Well, he is a nobody and Sam Harris is a somebody.


I'm glad that Alternet removed him from the site. 




"Dear Reader, it is with regret that we announce that frequent AlterNet author CJ Werleman was discovered to have failed to attribute text taken directly from other news and information sources. AlterNet takes allegations of plagiarism seriously, and has removed Werleman’s articles from our archives. Our apologies to the various sources and writers whose work was misappropriated in Werleman’s articles published on AlterNet."


What a disgrace. 


No. I'm not going to read any of his books as I do know want to remember any false information presented in his work.