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Hood by Stephen Lawhead is not heading to a good start

Hood - Stephen R. Lawhead

About 50 pages in, and the story killed the king already.


So, characters development is a bit limiting, as things are happening without the characters interacting with each other.


This is a continuous review, so things could get better. 


So far. Not good. Asking the bishop for advise and listening to this dick telling him to go and negotiate with the king who head the team that killed his father, is just plain stupid. 


100 pages in.


Thing has not improved. He was on his way to the king and complained that someone killed his father, the king. Stupid. No fighting, no action, and the repeated stupid as fuck prayer to god is really really stupid. 


I like Robin Hood story, and this is supposed to be a fan fiction of that. Shit. It is ruining the story. 


Let see if this book improve and get passed the lowest possible star of 1/2 star. 


Ransom? Are you kidding me? 


150 pages on.


No improvement yet.


Bran is injured and presumed dead. 


The problem lays with the narration. There are a lot of words that is not even painting a background of the story. Just words about place and irrelevant dialogue that is not pushing the plot along. A whole chapter could easily condensed into a paragraph or two by more skillful writers. 


The story is dreading on, and it could be because it was meant to be a short story, being deliberately extended into a lengthy book.


Think of high school composition homework that have a high minimum word-count.  The paragraphs become filler for meeting the requirement, yet it is only thinly related to the topic at hand. 


 250 pages in. Half of the book already. No improvement.


I couldn't believe a book could be that bad. 


No twist, no plot. Straight forward story telling that has not much going on. 


Bran get injured and now being nurse back to health. The woman who help him want him to change to a leader. 


The wasted words are not even on describing the scenery and paint a better picture in the head. It is not unimportant, boring dialogue that going no where. 


"Hello, how are you?"


"I'm fine. It is a good day to be here."


"Yes. The weather is good here."


This is what the dialogue of the book sounds like. Words that are not interesting, words that don't help the story. Words that is boring small talk.




 380 pages on. Almost finished the book and things haven't really improved. 


What's wrong with the dialogue? The characters are so puppet like and speak with the pretentious air of "concept of being noble" from the writer's mind. Too bad his concept of them are worst than those of a typical high school play. 


What with all the god and Jesus bullshit. I think that irk me the most when the writer seems to want to put the word in, for the sake for putting the word in. In a sponsored film, if you see the coke appear in every scene, you would think the movie is just a long coke commercial. That's what it feel like. 


If I could give this piece of crap less than half star, I will.


The struggle is, should I donate the book and let other readers suffered as I do, or should I recycled in as waste paper. 


Well, recycle bin it goes, after a hundred pages or so.


Done. And it didn't improve at all.

The dialogues were shitty and there is no story at all. No plot, just a lot of characters that I couldn't care for, doing boring thing that couldn't really called events.


Really horrible. The worst book on Robin Hood I've ever read.


I hate all the female characters, because the writers made them sex crazed airheads.  The guys are all shitty jerks on horseback.


The only likable characters are the horses. That's how bad this book is. 


A waste of paper.


The end.