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Sense of Style by Steven Pinker is packed with good advice

The Sense of Style: The Thinking Person�s Guide to Writing in the 21st Century - Steven Pinker

And that's what he aimed for.


Steven wants us to write well, and good, and clear, so that the wonderful, human invention of the written words could be used better in communicating ideas. 


Writing is not an inborn skill like language. No one born with the ability to write words. Good writers make their ideas easy to follow across the pages. And of course, like other science base writers, he laughed at the bad form of postmodernism as samples of the worst type of writing. 


Steven shared a dislike for postmodernists' writings, with use of meta-conceptual words throw together in such a way that actual meaning is lost for readers. Overusing of idioms or cliche has similar negative effect.


As most writers wrote with the target readers in mind, good writers treat readers as their equal, while bad writers didn't give enough credit for readers for follow simple logical flows of ideas.


Only finished 50 pages. Which is, from another experienced reader, a good way to say if a book is good or not. So far, this book is great.


A 5 stars book. Let's see if the content would give the 5 stars up.   


120 pages


The juicy part about confusing sentences is great. It is hard not to get confused sometimes. The examples are good for a laugh and memory retention.


220 pages


Steven gave a lot of examples on how words are use and how the grammar police are wrong in a lot of cases. 

Good for him. 


304 pages




The best way to write better is to look things up on the internet on the correct usages. Everyone could write better if they want to, even me.


Great read.