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I Hate This Book So Much: A Meditation

Reblogged from Krazykiwi @ Kiwitopia:

Finally someone who agreed that it is good to hate a book. 


Luke warm reaction to life, movie, book or music pissed me off. How could you have no reaction to this? Wouldn't that make this movie, book or piece of music a total waste of affords if it failed to get any reaction out of you.


So, either I love it or hate it, there is a reaction.


Sometimes it is hard to hate books that everyone else praised as "work of a genius". You feel stupid not to get whatever other people are getting from this book. 

Recent years, I found out that it is the it is the art praising persons who are either faking it, or fooling themselves. 


Arts that required textual supplement is just illustration piece accompany the text. It failed as art as an independent form of expression. 


Contemporary books that need additional reviews for interpretation also failed to communicate to the readers. 


I write a lot of negative reviews along side loads of positive ones. I either love or hate a book. That's part of life. I only love a dessert or hate it. There is very little middle ground.