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Jewish police story by Michael Chabon

The Yiddish Policemen's Union - Michael Chabon

It is not great, but it is not bad.


Only 20% in and we already got a feel on the Jewish department feel about their "reconstruction". 


3 and a half stars working its way up. 


So far, 40% of the book is finished and yet we are not getting closer to the killer. We found out the victim was the son of a Black Hat rabbi, and a chess player. 


That's about it. 


80% in. 


OK. The main detective got kidnapped, found himself naked and then shoot at when he tried to run.


And the plot thicken. The main clue is a heifer, a red heifer pained white. 


The important of this clue is completely lost to me if not for the detailed explanation that red heifer is a requirement for a barbaric animal sacrifice of the ancient religion Judaism. 


I dislike all religions, so to find out the murders and mayhem is caused by bullshit religion gets my notice. 


Let see if all the religious deluded behind the killing gets in the end. 


In the end, the person got killed because he don't want to be involved with this religious bullshit. 


The book is thick with flavorful of Jewishness. And because of that, the plot is not moved along as quickly. That's one of the major complain for this book. 


Overall, still a worthwhile read.