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Dune trilogy are the best sci-fi with a good messiah story

Dune - Frank Herbert Dune Messiah - Frank Herbert Children of Dune - Frank Herbert

Dune is a great book. A book about a young man, being chased by bad guys discovered that he had the power to control the worm. 


The story is more like a lost prince getting back his empire. The main character, in order to gain power, use the myth of the people and turned himself into a messiah. 


This lost prince didn't intend to cheat people and lived as a cast out. Only to come back when the place is in trouble again. 


I read it years ago, but the story remains a good one. Especially about how event, after being retold by many people, become mythical and fake. That's how story of messiah or savior was created, just like the jerk Jesus story for bullshit religion Christianity.