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Musicophilia by Oliver Sacks is about music in the brain

Musicophilia: Tales of Music and the Brain - Oliver Sacks

That is why I would give this a four to four and a half stars, not five.

Still, it is a very interesting areas to read and study.


Book on music. Not about music itself but on how human experience music.


As usual, this is a good read. A woman who was a musician all her life is losing this power in her brain.


A lot of the book is about pitch perfect. And how it is that a person is born with this power to hear this, to distinguish between notes. Some is about the science of it. How we humans process the music we hear in our brains, that part that is closest to how to process emotion.


No wonder music moves us emotionally. It is with the same region of the brain that is processing and influencing our experience.


Abnormal brain see music with colors. I wondered if there is case that associate music with smell. 


Our brain, a good processing organic machine that allow us to appreciate music and allow music to influence our emotion, and change our mood. 


A good read if you like to know about brain and music. 


Good read. The only complaint is that the chapters were arranged like textbook, with different situation put in many short chapters. I would expect he would arrange it based on human experience, but he didn't.