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Doomed by Chuck Palahniuk is dead girl diary from hell

Doomed - Chuck Palahniuk

The book is formatted as a dear-diary type written by a teenage dead girl who went to hell.


She is bitchy and had an attitude. Yet the writing itself is interesting as it is modern and of our time. 


Words are invented like Ctrl+Alt+Offended. Everyone gets that because we use Windows. Mac people probably are laughing at this one as well. (What? Windows?) 


First 20 pages already told you that much.


Next 200 pages tell you about her dysfunctional family. How her diary made up story sent scared her parents so much that they sent her to live with her grandparents. 


And there was a killing, sort of perverted and by accident. 


The story is a bit weird as usual for a Palahniuk book.


OK. The hell and heaven things is presented in way similar to a badly designed game that no one is interested in. If that is Chuck intention, he has done a good job. 


It is like an adult version of Disney channel show, you don't know what to expect, and it is gross, but it wouldn't be too bad.





And it is overall, a fast and good read. The main characters sounds like a spoiled brat but it doesn't matter.


She was played, by both heaven and hell representatives. Finally, she found that she is just a girl. 


That's all. Still, a good train ride read that is not too demanding, but get your attention enough to forget that you are in a crowded train.