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How thoughts related to words in Stuff of Thought by Steven Pinker

The Stuff of Thought: Language as a Window into Human Nature (Penguin Press Science) - Steven Pinker

Interesting book on how we use language (English language) and the concept of expression, especially using metaphors.

Steven Pinker: Language as a Window into Human Nature

Good video, with Steven Pinker talked about the book and animated into a short film.

I did skip over some of the boring bits (I found boring because there are just too many examples with too much details.) It give you thought on how you use the language, and how is it different from an non native speaker ponit of view.


Someone who related thoughts with words, and thoughts because some human have limited vocabulary, their thoughts were limited because they lack the words for it.


Steven Pinker illustrated that these thinkers had got it all wrong. 


Thoughts came before language. Therefore, even without words, thoughts exists. 


Language, or words, are there to communicate thoughts, in and of itself is not the limit of thoughts. 


So, a person without a lot of vocabulary could still think of complex thoughts. It is the way they communicate these thoughts that are limited. 


Very interesting read. Highly recommended.