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Heliopolis is about the contrast of the life of the wealthy and the dirt poor

Heliopolis - James Scudamore

The story started with a distanced humanitarian act of a woman who married to a very rich man.


The result, is a boy and his mother, being picked from the dirt poor housing to live in a rich man mansion. Of course, the boy is being used as a PR icon and adopted to the family. He got the education and worked very hard for it. Only to have worked under the influence of this very rich adopted dad.


Half way through the book. The picture is pretty good and we see the world through the eyes of this boy while living the good life, being made aware of where he is from.


He is also under threat by a mysterious person who hate him. Don't know who that is yet.  


In the end, we still don't know who hate them. But we know more about why. Why he got adopted, why this job.


Good one. Some loose ends but that's ok.