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Traffic got some interesting bits but not enough to hold attention for long

Traffic: Why We Drive the Way We Do (and What It Says about Us) - Tom Vanderbilt

Studies after studies on human behaviors in traffic.


Some we know, some we don't know. But one thing we know, this book jump from one study to another and try to fit everything together, not enough at time.


I like bits of it. But then I found some parts boring. 


A bit too much. 


Data is not enough. 


And it kind of stretching it a bit.


A lot of it is more common sense.


The person behind the wheel is a human, and it is hard to communicate between drivers. Human overestimate how well they drive, and they are more aggressive behind the wheel than they are with people face to face.

Men tended to be killed more often than women. Is it because they are on the road more often? Or because of they are more likely to take risk.


One thing is interesting. Men drive more safely when there is a woman sitting next to him. Is that because man is more protective of the woman next to him? Or the woman is there to nag and stop the man from engaging in more reckless behavior? 


Don't know for sure.


Not a bad read. Not great. But not bad.