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Into the Wood type of stories without the singing

The Land of Stories: A Grimm Warning - Chris Colfer

The third book of the series, about the grandson and granddaughter of fairy godmother. 


So, the smart sister stayed in fairyland while her brother Conner stayed in the human world.


How in the world would a mother let her own child be living in another dimension is beyond me.


But that's not the story. Adults don't play important role in this type of stories when the hero and heroine are under the age of 15.


Just started this one. I like Grimm stories so I couldn't stop myself from buying it, and started reading it.


This story is on Conner more, as he traveled to Germany to listen to 3 new discovered Grimm's stories. 


This is just a plot for him to find some danger coming to Fairyland. 


This is a good story, less of the brother sister stuff, but how they interact with their love interests. 


It is a page turner. Highly recommended to preteens. 


This is not the end of the series. I could have guessed that the secret villian is going to come back.