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Books seeking readers

The local bookstore got a book sales. So I was there everyday to try to find books.


Strategy number one. Buy the books that are already in the to-buy list. 


Strategy number two. Buy books that are really cheap, and one that I would not get if it is not on sale. This is to expend my taste of books, and try out writers that I haven't read before. 


In the process, I found that some books are probably really good, and got a lot of praise and stuff. But it is just not my cup of tea.


Why? Because the writers are not writing for my kind of reading taste. It is more like food. Writers write the style that had, once they developed one, and then write for the readers that already kin on reading their works. 


I read writers that a lot of people dislike. So what? I like them. 


I kind of like the process of reading up a lot of books, all in a very low price, just to find out if it is good to bring in home, or leave it for someone else who would really treasure it. 


See, books sales is for everyone. So if I bought a book I don't really like, it will reduce the chance of this book going to someone else who would really enjoy it. 


One thing I dislike, is that I found books on sales that I have already got, but still on the to-read shelf.


So far. I got 5 books within a week. Still seeking and reading up more book reviews.


Good book reviews are hard to find.  


All the more reasons to write more book reviews. 


Happy books hunting.