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Terry Pratchett Science of Discworld IV as gift

The Science of Discworld IV Judgement Day - Terry Pratchett

I bought this hard cover book as a birthday gift of a friend. So I browse through it and found interesting conversations that based on the condition of Discworld, what the world would be, and how it would compare to the reality of this world.


It is hard to be disappointed with a Terry Pratchett book.


As for my friend, we were both shared the concern for science education. As there are many fuckheads in the world that don't like teaching children the reality, that evolution is science base while religious based creationism is just disgusting bullshit that should not be taught anywhere.


I'm especially pissed that Christians writing bad review, based on their fucking bullshit, that their fucking piece of shit god was credit with making beautiful Earth. That's just bullshit. That piece of shit should not be credited for anything but being a fictional character that killed babies.


Enough rant. Continue reading. This one would start with 5 stars and see it would stay a 5 stars review until the end.