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A slip of the keyboard are filled with stories that make you laugh out loud

A Slip of the Keyboard: Collected Non-Fiction - Terry Pratchett



I got the hardback first edition.


And I read this book on the 12 March, only to read of the news of his passing.


The forward by Neil Gaiman is good and personal.


The bits about him as a writer on signing tours is a lot of fun to learn how to handle a writer. and what treatment had he got before.


This is his sharing of whatever is the topic. And it is good fun. 


He talked about the Discworld Convention. He was a fan before he become a sci-fi writer. And he is funny.


Sharing his way of writing. Wild search, a method of finding bits and pieces of interesting information and make it into a plot or two. 


The Kevins and how he spent time writing them, sweet and funny.


Terry is kind of feminist of sci-fi writer. What he did, in Equal Rites (I have not read this one), he posted this good questions. Why can't a woman be a wizard? In the magic world. Wizards are male and learned high magic, while women are witches who learned low level magic.


He did it another way and try a feminist liberation in Discworld. 


The bits about how the literature world kind of looked down on fantasy readers is part of history. Readers like LOTR, and it is not just a cult classic, but a classic. There are a whole lot of junks in fantasy and other literature books.


The Nobel prize winner Mo Yan is a porn writer and his books are not that good in Chinese. But he got a good translator. 



On Assisted dying. He is all for it. I'm all for it too. A person should have the right to die with dignity without worrying about their family or friend who help them might get into legal trouble.


He did a documentary on assisted dying. Good for him. He did die his way without troubling anyone. But that's the way to go.