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Sennheiser CX 200 headphone review (part of the awareness result)

This is not what Sam Harris means by mindfulness - noticing the headphone I'm using. But I did go through a lot of in-ear headphones. For reason unknown, I keep breaking them.

My last pair of Skullcandy Paul Frank crossover didn't last that long. Like a year or so.


I do have higher hope for Sennheiser. So it comes with a review. Didn't know that much about the sound, but it feel okay.


For music, I prefer it travel through air. But I listened to a lot of lectures online and the ear phone has to be good enough for me to listen clearly, sometimes with accent. 


This Sennheiser CX200 is way better than the previous Skullcandy. It hasn't break yet, and it seems that the sound is pretty decent considering the low price.


As for Philips, I got a few pairs before, and they all broke around 2 year. Real cheap Philips are good for awhile, but easy crashed if it fall into the ever moving bag that I usually carry around.