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This Is NOT Okay.

Black Balled - Andrea Smith, Eva LeNoir
Reblog because when jerks wrote books and attack readers for being honest on how crappy their books were to readers. 
No. Readers are not going to stand for it.
If you're active in the romance community, you probably know who Baba is. She reviews a lot of m-m and erotica books, and uses a lot of gifs. I've read a number of her reviews, and she really seems like quite a nice person, so I can totally see why she's so popular.

Anyway, her blunt and honest style of reviewing appears to have made an author really angry. That author has decided to write a book about a book reviewer named "Babu" who catches the attention of a successful indie author after destroying his career...

I'm too frustrated to do a full-on vent, so I'll just quickly list off my feelings in list form.

1. Negative reviews are not career destroying...unless you, the author, make them that way by acting like a jerk.

2. Reviwers never deserve to be shamed.

3. Using someone's name in a book to attack them is just WRONG.

4. I am so sick of things like this happening.

5. Entitlement. Seriously. Why do you has it? Why not be grateful to the people who put you where you are?

6. Because if negative reviews make you mad, it's a sure bet that you consider positive reviews the status quo.

7. Which they're not. You have to earn those.

8. I'm going to go find a wall to bang my head against now.

I'm so sorry you have to deal with this, Baba. I really hope this blog post helps draw attention to this horrible situation, and makes people realize what reviewers have to deal with on a disturbingly regular basis. I'm behind you 100%.