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Mindwise: Why We Misunderstand What Others Think, Believe, Feel, and Want - Nicholas Epley

Someone post this on FB on this book 


This book Mindwise by Nicholas Epley get a bit of mixed review. He teaches Society Psychology in Chicago. But how much of what he said is generation, how much is guessed work, and how much is good stuff?

Don't know. 


The Guardian reviewer didn't like it that much. 




WSJ gives it a better review. 




""Mindwise" is good reading for negotiators, the makers of public policy, heck, for anyone who interacts with other people, and that should be all of us. Mr. Epley is a genial, informative host in this tour of some of the most interesting findings in the social psychology of understanding one another, which he calls "mind-reading." His examples are drawn from the headlines as well as the peer-reviewed literature, and he keeps things going at a quick pace without dumbing-down the science. His geniality frays at times, such as when he presents scientific evidence that certain psychological factors, like solitude, cause us to hear voices or believe in a deity. Mr. Epley makes it clear that he thinks anyone who believes in God is making a grave error of reasoning."


That's I would agree on. 


See for yourself.