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Magic of Reality is a wonderful scientific base children book

The Magic of Reality: How We Know What's Really True - Dave McKean, Richard Dawkins

And adults would enjoy this one too.


Lot of information put into concise and interesting ways. As Richard Dawkins is aiming at young readers, he made things simple, direct and readily comprehensible. 

As I got the hard cover with lot of color pages, it is a wonderful read. Good coffee table book if you want one.


Just finished the first 3 chapters explaining how we are links to every animals and plants on Earth. And how our great great great grandparent from millions of year ago was a fish.


Reading on language and how it is important to know how it diverse. 


The chapters are based on common questions children and adults ask about the world they are in, and probably out of healthy curiosity.


It is wonderful to know about how the myths are from and what they said, compare to the reality that we know that are true.


There is no myth about atoms or protons, because ancient people do not know they existed. So their gods are not able to comprehend what we now know as common knowledge about elements, and the really tiny world. The carbon we are all build from, is not known to gods because it is not known to ancient humans. 



What is more likely, that a story is lying or make up story, or something supernatural happened?


The more likely answer is the best answer. It is best to say don't know how to explain something than to explain it is a supernatural occurrence.


Great book for children. For adult, it is still very very good. Highly recommended to read this in color.