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Alex Tsakiris of “Skeptiko” is an ignorant jerk

Why Science Is Wrong...About Almost  Everything - Alex Tsakiris, Rupert Sheldrake By Alex Tsakiris Why Science Is Wrong...About Almost Everything [Paperback] - Alex Tsakiris

I recently had a bad experience downloading a podcast interview of Lawrence Krauss.


I've never heard of Skeptiko and I didn't know the host is just another ignorant asshole who didn't know jerk about science or scientific methods.


Lesson learned. 


Alex Tsarkiris was rude and thought promote some bullshit like afterlife and kept going on and go about some weird studies on NDE. 


Bullshit. This jerk could tell reality from his own ass. 


Next step, check if this jerk had written any book. Yes, he had and they are crap. 


Don't listen or buy any book link to this jerk. Life is too short to waste time on bullshit. That's what Lawrence Krauss said in the interview when this jerk challenged him why he didn't read some weird studies on reincarnation.