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Nothing sacred about history

The Sacred History - Jonathan Black

The title is fine. The book is just crap.


The writer put everything that is not religious bullshit as material. So, it is the religious against materialism. 

It is a whole lot of bullshit in this book. The best is just to skip all that shit and jumped right into the conclusion.

Which is the core thinking of the writer. That the world is materialism, and so religion is not.


Are you kidding me? The money poured into building churches based on religion is the very example of how materialism work within the big religions of this world. And all these religious made him no better than those televangelist.


A waste of paper to print this crap book.  


Skip this one. This book is not about history. It is tried to give praise to bullshit religion but putting everything down as materialism. It failed miserably.