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ISIS is a religious terrorist group that is good at social media campaign

ISIS: The State of Terror - Jessica Stern, J. M. Berger

Let see what they are selling.


Religious persons who are drawn to ISIS, even after they murdered people on TV, is because they already shared with ISIS the same religion, and swallowing more religious bullshit is not that hard to do for some already religious people.


The liberals and most of the liberal media are not willing to name it as it is, a religious movement of the murderous kind.


Interesting take on the ISIS. 


See the link to the Concluding Observations from the UN Committee on theConvention the Rights of the Child released on  3 March 2015 




ISIL is another name for ISIS


Paragraph 23 

"The Committee abhors and condemns the targeted and brutal killings of children by the so-called ISIL and in particular:

(a) The systematic killing of children belonging to religious and ethnic minorities by the so-called ISIL, including several cases of mass executions of boys, as well as reports of beheadings and crucifixions of children and the burying of children alive;

(b) The killing or severe injury of a very large number of children as a result of the current fighting, including by air strikes, shelling and military operations by the Iraqi Security Forces, and as a result of landmines and explosive war remnants. This includes deaths from dehydration, starvation and heat in conflict-affected areas;

(c) The abduction by the so-called ISIL of a large number of children, many of whom are severely traumatized from witnessing the murder of their parents and are subjected to physical and sexual assault." 


Then explained to me why there are British nationals fly to join ISIS. Why anyone in their non-religious right mind would want to join this terrorist organization? 


Religion is the cause of this evil. An evil as temporary defined as extreme wrongdoing by people that has no reasonable cause or explanation. 


This book would not be an easy read. But while there are so many reading entertaining books, this book might be worth the while to get to know a modern day terrorist group that had a good social media campaign strategy.