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ISIS should scare the daylight out of normal human beings

ISIS: Inside the Army of Terror - Michael Weiss, Lois Hassan

ISIS is not only Islamic, it might also shared with all other Islamic religious the basic understanding of Islam.


What ISIS revealed to all of us, is that when people are religious and taken hold of Islam as ideal, then all hell break loose, and everyone die.


In the core of ISIS, is the teaching of Islam, shared by most Islamist. 


Shit happens. Shit happens lot if it has anything to do with religion. 


While we see Islamic religious pulled out in the streets and screen for blood when some cartoonists draw some cartoons figuring that fuckhead Islamic prophet. The streets were relatively quiet when ISIS beheading innocent people in the name of Islamic god. 




Where is the moral compass for these group of religious fuckheads? 




Ranting aside. This book is good to at least try to get our heads into the danger of Islamic religion and its terrorist arm ISIS.