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Silver Dream is a bit weird

The Silver Dream (InterWorld Trilogy) - Michael Reaves, Mallory Reaves, Neil Gaiman

And it is in trouble. 


After 100+ pages, Joe still a dork in some way that he could "Walk" in between reality, yet failed to get what's going on, and failed again to know the mystery girl just "Walk" into his life.


The character build up is not as good, as the tragedy that happened does not make me want to cry into my billow. 


Not even close.


So, I hope this would turn yet another corner and developed into a mystery being solved by the nerdy boy Joe.


Get 3 and a half stars so far. Still have hope it would go up. It really depends on how it ends. 


170 pages in, he finally found out something about the girl. But his life might be in danger.