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Gay Christian trying to reconcile his inner conflict

God and the Gay Christian: What the Bible Says--and Doesn't Say--About Homosexuality - Matthew Vines

In order to reconcile his inner conflict for being gay and has a religion that hate gay, he goes about to interpret the Christian bible in a way that it no longer bash gays.


Well, not good enough.


First, he admitted that if he found out that the Christian god really hate gay, he would not have love in his life time.


WTF? What kind of sick fuck attitude is that?


It only shows how damaging religion is, to him especially. 


Who give a flying fuck what the Christian god said about gays. If this god hate gay, he is a fucking twat anyway. So what do a grown man cares what a fucking twat said about him being gay.


His lack of courage to go against a religion that doing so much damaging against LGBTI people, mean he is just another coward who is fucked in the head by the twat Jesus.


Give it up.


Even if he interpreted the Christian bible as gay bashing, how does he plan to convince his fellow gay bashing Christians to interpret it the same way.


He failed. It might ease his mind. But it is not doing any good to LGBTI people.


A thumb down for this one.


Go take a red pill and get out of the religious shit hole is get himself into, and get out.