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Liespotting: Proven Techniques to Detect Deception - Pamela Meyer By Sam Harris Lying - Sam Harris Telling Lies: Clues to Deceit in the Marketplace, Politics, and Marriage - Paul Ekman

Books on lying.


I read Sam Harris book on Lying. It is short. But it is thoughts provoking and convince me enough to stop telling white lies for being polite. It is not that easy but I did it. I also lost some potential friendship that way. So take it slow.


The other two I have not read. 

Paul Ekman is famous. He is the real person behind the fictional character of the popular TV series "Lie to Me". 


The last one is from an article The Language of Lying: Animated Primer on How to Detect Deception. This is for detection of lies and how we could reduce heartbreak for being lied to.


My fascination of lies is how sensitive I am to them. Lying is a big problem for me as somehow I felt betrayed when I found out I've been lied to. A lot of people take it much lighter than I do when it comes to lying.  I seems to take it a bit too hard. And worst, I think I'm naturally good at detecting lies. I felt "off" when someone is lying to me. The way milk smell "off" when it is way passed its expiration date. 


The off is probably my brain using what it has learned from reading books on how the person would act when they lied, and kind of processed together that give me an warning signal.


Of course, there might be false alarm. So, it has to follow up with investigation or more information to verify the data. But that nagging feeling would not go away until there is a more concrete answer.


I run into trouble doing just that. 

Knowing is always better than not knowing.