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Stephen Fry is funny in his own way

Mrs Fry's Diary - Mrs. Stephen Fry, Stephen Fry

Just started this one. 


I like it. It sounds like Stephen Fry's sense of humors of insulting himself.


I hope that people do get that there is no Mrs Stephen Fry. Now that he is married to a guy, pretty and much higher than him, I'm so happy for him. 


The new Mr. Stephen Fry would write a very different story.


The humor is quick and a play of word. More like Mr. Bean type than his usually intellectually witty humor that it hits the smart one a few seconds before it would hit the slow one, or never.


Glad I got this.  

Start with a 4 and a half and see how it goes. 


Just finished it.


Not bad. Not great. Seems a bit like marshmallow, light, fluffy, without much substance.


So 4 stars.