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Telegraph Avenue: A Novel
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London Fields
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Is 2 minutes enough?

2 minutes


Can complete a short WhatApps text.

Just enough time to start my computer.

Not enough time to make tea.

But enough time to consume a whole chocolate bar.


2 minutes.


Enough to plan a kiss on your cheek.

Enough time to say I love you 10 times.

Enough time to smile and really look at your face.

And remember how much different you look from the dream last night.


2 minutes.

Not enough time to microwave a pack of dim sum.

Not enough time to dehydrate a cup noodle in chicken broth.

Not enough time to charge my phone to make a call.

But enough time to remember to start crying to my beer.


2 minutes.

The sound of saying I love you travel 344 m/s

It translated in your mind, 

and starting to lighten up your day.


2 minutes.

Enough time to take a breath and not started a fight.

Enough to jump off a train platform to save a dog.

Enough time to stop a car before it kills an old lady.


2 minutes. 


Not enough to pass the last meeting minutes in a meeting.

Not enough to convince your boss your idea is great. 

Not enough to light the candle on a birthday cake.

But enough time to make a drunk call to your ex.


2 minutes.

If only we are aware of how we spent our time.

If only we could make the day sucks less because you know someone care.


2 minutes.

Are you willing to love me for 2 minutes?

Am I willing to love you for 2 minutes?