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Who is responsible for men being disconnected?

Man (Dis)Connected: How Technology Has Sabotaged What it Means to be Male, and What Can be Done - Nikita D. Coulombe, Philip G. Zimbardo

Are boys especially disadvantaged? Or is that girls, being disadvantaged from birth had learned to work hard in order to survive? 


This book is from the Lucifer Effect writer, that's the only reason I pick this one up.


So, boys had been privileged for many generations, if girls are competing at now more equal platform, would boys learn to work hard and depend not so much on being male to survive in this modern equality world?


I browse through the book and didn't like it.


First, there are porn and there are video games. It is a world that one could control and be the winner. In real life, not so easy and not so often. In the world, there are a lot of zero sum game and if someone win, someone else would lost.


But why are women not affected by porn or the escapist path?


The other thing I dislike about this book is shifting the responsibility from the men to women.  It is a bit sexist at time. 


Men who know how to market themselves get more pussy. So the writer want women not to fall for the marketing but go for the stable guys that are willing to take up responsibility. 





Women are not there to make men who are hetersexuals more responsible men. Women are there to be their own persons. 


That's only a small part of the book but I still have strong dislike for the premise. 


One. Men in hiding because like is too hard as compare to games. And most men have the commitment  to a game more than any other relation. the reward is there because the persons, mostly men who design the games know what guys like.


Maybe if the world is more fun and not put down people for not being rich or powerful, then these persons would not try to escape the real world. 


The point is, who is responsible for men being withdrawn from real world?


Men themselves.


Do not blame it to the games designers, they are persons who have jobs and doing what they like.


Do not blame the women for not putting pressure for men being responsible. Many men are responsible while other do not. Women are not responsible for men being irresponsible. 


Do not blame the society. Men already have the advantage for not having to deal with the sexism they dish out for women.


Blame the society who bring up men not having to face too much earlier on, and when time didn't go their way, they escape into another virtual reality. 


All in all. Not a good book. Didn't tell me anything that I need to do to solve it. 


Here is another criticism of this from another angle. 


Men (Dis)connected: Philip Zimbardo’s lament on the male