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Lack of likable characters made this book a struggle

Telegraph Avenue: A Novel - Michael Chabon

I used to like Michael Chabon's books.


This one, is a struggle for me. 


The part about a new mega record store opening in a poor neighborhood driving out local business a bit boring.


The midwife character made me wants to throw this book against the wall.


The two seemingly separate stories are not really getting together in my mind yet. 


Is it some plots in there that made these effective? Not sure yet as I'm only half way through the book and struggling to finish it.


I hate homeopath. I hate it, I hate anyone who practice it. 


This is real. Homeopath practice killed babies. Almost killed this one if not for modern medical science. 




This homeopath bitch character did a home birth that almost caused the life of a woman. Not acting fast enough should get her banned. 


And I'm supposed to care about it. I don't. I want this bitch to lost her license in the book. That's probably not going to happen as the writer is more sympathetic in the writing. 


That's get me worries. If this bitch get a happy ending, I would reduce this book one star for the frustration it caused me. 


Started with 2 and a half stars and see if it would improve in the end. 


Saying I don't like it, or it bored me, is an understatement.