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Books win out

This Day in June - Gayle E Pitman My Princess Boy - Cheryl Kilodavis, Suzanne DeSimone

Books win. Christians loss. 

A good day.


Christians tried to remove these lovely children books from the library. Why? Because their religion is a religion of hatred, and their Jesus was just a religious jerk. I couldn't think of other reason why these Christians could ever feel threatened, or offended by these children books. 


Here is what the article said about the motive of these Christians book-haters. 


"Many opponents said that their objections were based on their Christian faith." 


So, Christian faith is the motivation for banning children books in the library. Got it. 


The best bit of this article.


"In the end, commissioners decided to leave the LGBT-themed books in the children’s section of the library." 


In the end, books win out. 


I love books. I hate religion because whenever I heard about Christians, they act like nasty jerks and bitches who hate books. 



So glad that these books didn't get banned. I want more children books like these in the library.