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A collection of essays on how America goes into the great divide between the 1% and the rest of 99%

Unequal Societies and What We Can Do About Them The Great Divide (Hardback) - Common - Joseph E. Stiglitz

This is a collection of essay. So don't expect new materials.


Why do I brought this book? Because I like the prize of inequality so much, that I need to read more.


Started with 3.5 stars and see how it goes. 




Clinton don't something right to balance the budget. This good affords is wiped out by Bush. Bush tax cut for the rich created the great divide in a big and nasty way. 


Although the contents were previously published, putting together in one book would help to see his points, sometimes repeatedly on how to fix the economy.


The tone is more like an activist who try to persuade other people to do the right thing. Given that he is already in the upper middle class, the things he concern about, the issues that close to his heart, are those that affect other people. That show his empathy and concern for those who lack the ability to get themselves out.


I like that in him. 


Another advantage of this format, is that I could then find the article on the Internet and then re-post it with my personal comment. That's help me to think about things.


Overall, a good book. Not great. But good.


40+ pages to go.