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Is Hong Kong a city that doesn't read?

No City for Slow Men: Hong Kong's quirks and quandaries laid bare - Jason Y. Ng

I've met Jason last Saturday on a book fair. He talked about his book, of course. 


He also talked about books and according to his estimate, people do not read, or read less than 8 books a year.


I have heard him said it, and I have heard it from a friend as well.


Well, not me. Not the book nerds I know. 


The Chinese books, books that are not translated from other languages, are just not attractive to readers.


There are mostly travel books, and essays about feeling. Who care about the writers's feeling? 


They are like the One Direction books that made for teens. There are books buyers, but are they really books?


Reading is a habit. I like HP and Lee Child. I read John Green because he is such a nice guy. That's about it.


We need good books to keep it going. I think there are  a few books that I would like to read, but the depth is really lacking. 


It is a mismatch. 

I read non fiction because they are more interesting for me. I like Brian Greene, Richard Dawkins, Sam Harris, Lawrence Krauss and Brian Cox. And I love Christopher Hitchens as a writer and as a speaker. Add to that are Paul Krugman, Joseph Stiglitz, Tim Harford and Nassim Nicholas Taleb on economy. There are just so many good non fiction books out there to read. 


But we read fiction for different reason, with different mindset. It is for fun.

Is reading fun? If books don't make it fun to read, is it because of the readers or because of the lack of production of good books to read?