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Judge may order refunds for buyers of Trudeau weight-loss book

The Weight Loss Cure They Don't Want You to Know About - Kevin Trudeau

Who said books are not about their writers.


This jerk writer, wrote lies in his diet book. And now he landed in jail and those who bought this book would get a refund.

Good one.


Writers should be made aware that if they wrote bullshit, readers would rightly called this writer a jerk and a liar. 


This case give the readers back some of their power. For anyone who got this bullshit book, would get USD 11 back. 


"Under the FTC's plan, consumers would receive about $11 each in the first round of checks — and more in another round for those who cash the initial checks, according to a court filing earlier this month."


Now, if this jerk lied in this book, it is not too much to assume that he lied in his other books too.