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The Cross in the Closet - Timothy Kurek

This is a bit weird for me to introduce a book that is written by religious deluded.


This writer was a Christian, and learned to be a homophobic jerk. 


He learned not to be a homophobic jerk by pretending to be gay and see how he would be treated, mostly by people of his hatred filled religion.


But at least he learned a lot by trying to be gay for a year. A year, even a gay child could do it easily. But for this hatred filled Christian who is brainwashed by his shit parents, who instead of sending him to school, home-school him to learn in their horrible Christian way.


Christianity is full of shit. A source of misinformation and hatred. 


The human inside, might go against all their religious training. 


The video is what a jerk he was, and how he learned not to be so much of a jerk. 


I wouldn't express my contempt and hatred for Jesus and this shitty religion. But I could appreciate that one religious fuckhead could become less of a fuckhead by trying. 


So, there is still hope that religious fuckheads could change, if they try.