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Christians students are using their religion as an excuse to refuse reading assignments

Fun Home - Alison Bechdel

What were they thinking? 


If their religious faith is so strong, reading one book would not affect their continuous religious delusion.


The writer is a lesbian. And it is about her story. 


Why are Christians so close-minded? Reading a story of a lesbian would not diminish their faith in religious bullshit.


Read the comments give me hope on what normal people think.


Christians are fucked in the head by religion. The damage is done that even when these Christians went to university, their minds are still fucked by Jesus. 


I hope they would learn. Or got kicked out of university because they failed courses.


Either way. Continue reading books, even books that offended you in some ways.




Of course, other news media has picked up on this news.


Slate : "The Duke Freshmen Refusing to Read Fun Home Are the Ones Who Need It Most