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Beautiful book on a gang of old heroes

The Last Hero - Terry Pratchett

The illustrations are so wonderful. 


The story is going along just fine. The heroes are now old, and instead of going the old people way of dying of old age and being bored before that happen finally, the old heroes are going for a last adventures and hopefully will end their lives in a glorious battle with the gods.


Or at least that the premise. But Disc world Lord would rather they don't end that way, as there might be more causality than a group of old men.


One third into the book and liking it a lot.  Will come back and write the rest. 



Almost finished.

I like the way they talked about the flying machine called the Kite. 


And I love the way they talked about boring persons view of the world, with explanation and no magic. That's the reality way, and it is not boring at all.


The way they talked about gods is really funny too. 


And the Code. The code of hero is so funny.


I'm on the last few pages and I have asked myself why it takes me so long to read this. This is good stuff.