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Johnny Mnemonic - William Gibson, Terry Bisson

The film is from 1996.


Dialogue is crap. Acting is bad. 



But it is from William Gibson novel. Weird. 


So, what is the different between a human brain data storage and a hard drive data storage.


The answer is, data on a hard disk didn't really mean anything unless it is read by a computer and a human operating it, or at least have a human program analyzing it.


Data on a human brain, many might not even be accessible, don't need a media for it to be meaningful. As long as it is within the same brain and accessible, it is comprehensible and usable by the human who has this data.


So a human brain is far superior to a hard disk drive, more than a computer. The speed of processing is far superior than most computer. You don't have to open one file and then another to get the data. It is more like scrambled eggs, it is mixed in to all the other data already exist in the brain.


I like Keanu Reeves.


He will be John again in John Wick.