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Living With A Wild God is a big disappointment

Living with a Wild God: A Nonbeliever's Search for the Truth about Everything - Barbara Ehrenreich

No. This is not happening. 


Barbara Ehrenreich hanged on with her one mystical experience and thought there is more to life than what we know in science?

She has forgotten that our minds were easily trick into believing what is not there. 


I skimmed through this and it is the one disappointment after another. Like she failed to be critical to her own bullshit.


One would hope that she would find a way. Or have a little twist in the end that make you say, "OK. You got me there for a second." 


But no. That didn't happened. 


I hate this book. I hope she hasn't written it in the first place. 


So, fans. Skip this one and remembered her as she was before.