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Enough Richard Dawkins bashing: Let us praise a hero of science and atheism

The God Delusion - Richard Dawkins The Selfish Gene - Richard Dawkins

This article is correct. No matter if you like him or not, Richard Dawkins has contribute a lot in term of making science available to the general public.


As a science student, I should have known a lot of the stuff Richard Dawkins talks about in his books. 

Yes and No. I learned about it in textbooks, but because it is textbooks, it is hard for a person like me to explain things in general terms for public consumption.


Richard Dawkins has the talent to put things plainly and simply so that one could explain it in ways to persons with no science background. 


Also, I did know he got a lot of heat for being right. That's fine.


But I'm very disappointed in Camille Paglia who attacked him. What a bitch.