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Ready, aim, miss

The Selfish Genius: How Richard Dawkins Rewrote Darwin's Legacy - Fern Elsdon-Baker

While reading Richard Dawkins' new book, I learned of the word "flea".


Flea is a term to describe books written by jerk writers who try to get famous, or get rich, by attacking another famous writer.


So, this one is no exception. 


In the linked article, the conclusion is right on the mark.


"What is left, once these attacks are dismissed, is a critique of Mr Dawkins's proselytising atheism. It is true this wins him few converts, when a collaboration with religious moderates against the creationists might bear weightier fruit. But if his intellectual rigour forbids him making common cause with people he thinks are wrong, that perhaps only shows he is indeed the rottweiler of legend."


What one learn from this book, is not to work with the publishing company that print this tree wasting crap.