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On Germany readers, two perspectives

I read the article in the link, "Germany: A Nation Of Readers?" and read the statistics. 


The same statistics is quoted in another article in Chinese (Original/Traditional/Correct) that said the opposite from Taiwan on how reading strengthen the nation.




Really weird. 

One is Germans looking at themselves and worry that reading habit is on the decline. And from the Taiwanese writer point of view, Germans are good readers and that help Germany staying strong.

Why such diverse view on the same statistics. Most probably because of the base of comparison. While Germans are comparing the data from the past, aka history, Taiwanese is comparing the Germany readers data with their own data. Taiwan is already a good place for readers, when compare to other Chinese language places like Hong Kong and ML China. Taiwan is famous for translating original books from English, French and German. And sometimes, the Chinese translated version is faster than the English version. The quality is another matter. 


Hong Kong people don't read much. A comprehensive readers study should be done on the average books read by the persons. 


Another weird point in the Taiwanese article, is that the writer conclude that Germans is a place with not much activities to do, therefore, Germans would prefer quiet activity like reading. Which to me is strange and incorrect.