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Jack Reacher playing detective

Make Me: A Jack Reacher Novel - Lee Child

For action junkie, this book might feel a little flat. Why? Because Reacher has only gotten himself into one fight only. And that one isn't much to think about as it was over as soon as it started. 


Half way through the book only and there is a lot of detective work and not a lot of fun. And the sex is not descriptive? Why? Just say it is good is not good enough. OK, it is not porn but still, this is a Reacher story. How he approach his sex partner is as interesting as how he got into fight.


4 stars for now. The story is going. But he kind of not get into trouble because of luck instead of his own planning. Which is why this is not that interesting. 


80% into the book.


Finally, some bad guys come and threatened Reacher and the persons he is with. Of course there is shootout. 


Things getting better and faster in the second part of the book.


The sex scene is still an evaluation and not a description. Show me, don't tell me. That part is not improving yet. 


Oh well. 


The last 20% of the book. I've already guessed what the bad guys are doing. But then it take Reacher to really see for himself. Then he will do what need to be done.


Like the ending too.


Good read. Raise half a more star.