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Real Review on Hollow Earth

Hollow Earth - Carole E. Barrowman, John Barrowman

The central characters are a pair of twin, a brother and sister twin who could communicate telepathically and could draw and go into drawing.


This reminded of Land of Stories and Tuesday Next book world. 


But that's not it. This is more like two children having X-men power, like in the series Heroes. 


So what to do with two children born with parents holding two different type of power? In the story-land, if one parent has power, the child would have power. 


So when the mother found out that the children have power at an unexpected young age,  preteen age, instead of after they reach the age of consent, she is scare for them. And of course, there are bad guys. The bad guys are from a society that would like to control such power, and protect the world from this power.


The cool thing is, it got a hearing challenged character. 


Persons with disability are under represented in books. So I'm so glad that this one has at least one character that has to read lips and use sign language. 

The story has made some interesting assumption. The children are dangerous to adults because they have imagination, and has the ability to make what they think up become reality.

That's what happened to all the people who work hard to make their imagination turned into reality. Imagination is power stuff. And there are people in the world who are against it. And these people are conservative, dogmatic and has committees.


The twins are now in danger, but they are more like Hardy Boys story with adventure without adults.



The chase is good and tense. The ending is a pause until the next book.


Good read.