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The god argument is about talking people out of religions

The God Argument: The Case against Religion and for Humanism - A.C. Grayling

20% read and it is pretty good.


Language has meaning.


So, don't use god with the capital letter. Also, god is a concept and not a real entity. 


Pretty fine read. 


The book is divided into two parts with 22 chapters. 


Part I is about religion and teasing out the origins and wrongs of religions. 


It gives a lot of thought on the theological view point on the origin of god and then how it cannot be such a good by logic and reason. 


A few chapters are devoted to talk about the nonsense creationism and how religious try to push it in schools. The logical argument is gentle but firm.


Part 2 of the book is argument for humanism and the advantage of humanism. This topic hit upon most of the controversial issues of drugs, sex and sexuality. The reasons put forth are also firm and really rational. 


All in all a good read. And kind of convincing to turn toward humanism if you are not already a humanist. 


5 stars.