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Two Editions Of The Same Book Demonstrate How Our Society Has Changed In 30 Years

The Best Word Book Ever; More Than 1400 Objects - Richard Scarry

This children book has changed to be more gentle equal

and inclusive. 



Because he loved the book so much as a child, Alan immediately noticed that the 1991 edition had some pretty obvious changes. Most of the updates reflected the changes in society, many in reference to gender equality.


And this illustration shows Mom and Dad working together in the kitchen, as traditional gender roles had shifted and evolved between 1963 and 1991.


On the playground, the characters' genders were switched up, too, as the sexes became less strictly separated.


That's a good start. 


The page on jobs has changed, too. While the teacher was switched from a female to a male, other occupations — like a train conductor and a soldier — were swapped out for a photographer and a judge. It's hard to say exactly why this was done.


Some changes, though, don't seem to make sense at all. The name of this sailboat has been changed, and its flag has disappeared.


Gretel was the name of an Australian America's Cup challenger and Sydney to Hobart race winner. So was White Swan in the late 1980's. The change reflected not only that, but the boat no longer used a woman's name, as it gives the wrong message of objectifying women. 


Pretty nice changes.